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You can choose your Linden Home?!

You can choose your Linden Home?!

Have you ever wished that you could select your Linden Home? Many people have asked me how I was able to select my stilt home using the Premium Plus choose your Linden Home concierge service, so I’m here to show you exactly how to do it.

Is your dream home available?

Before you upgrade your account to Premium Plus in order to use this service, make sure you map Bellisseria and create SLurls to available homes. Keep in mind that popular Bellisseria themes are frequently sold out and the homes are instantly available on the Land Page, you won’t be able to file tickets for those homes with any success. Newly released themes are more abundant, so you will have much better luck filing a ticket for a home.

A home is available when all of these things are true:

  • The region is named
    (The name does not start with SSPName or SSP1234)
  • The parcel/home is owned by Linden (and not a resident)

So now that you’ve found your dream home, let’s get started!

Make sure to read the Premium Plus FAQ and become acquainted with some of the frequently asked questions. If you’re ready to sign up for Premium Plus, make sure you’re doing so on an account that doesn’t have a Linden Home, or the ticket cannot be fulfilled.

If you’re like me and only went Premium Plus to file a ticket for a Linden Home, you can downgrade after the first month and keep your Linden Home. There’s no need to stay Premium Plus unless you’re using the extra tier elsewhere or are reading this post when 2048 Linden Homes become available.

Premium Plus

How to file a Linden Home Concierge Service ticket

When you find your dream home, file the ticket as soon as possible because they are first come, first served. The only way to use this concierge service is to submit a ticket. A Linden Home cannot be obtained through live chat or phone call. Linden Lab will assign you the home if you are the first person to request it via ticket. The ticket is a little confusing because you can skip most of the questions and only answer the last one.

  1. Go to the Submit A Ticket page. You can also get to this from your Second Life dashboard.
  2. Under Issue Type, select Land & Region
  3. Under Land and region, select Linden Homes
  4. Skip to Please describe the issue and fill in the SLURL to the Linden Home you would like to claim as a Premium Plus member.

Because many people find this step confusing, Linden Lab should create a new form called Linden Homes Premium Plus. Then, request that residents enter up to three SLurls of available Linden Homes that they want to be assigned to them. This would eliminate a lot of extra communication between the land team and the resident.

Beach House; Linden Home
My Stilt Home along the beach

When I filed my ticket for my Linden Home, I did exactly as described above, providing SLurls to my first and second choices. Your wait time may increase as this service becomes more popular.

Should you go Premium Plus to get a Linden Home?

As a Linden Homes fan, I can tell you that while this service is excellent, it is not the only way to obtain a nice home. I’ve gotten a lot of houses the old-fashioned way, by going to the Land Page and claiming one at random. The house for which I filed a ticket is not my favorite, but I needed to go through the experience in order to write about it accurately. If you like randomness, do it the traditional way. File a ticket if you see a newly available home that you must have!

You can choose your Linden Home?!

Have you used or are you interested in the Linden Homes Concierge Service? Tell me about your experience with this in the comments! If you have questions about anything and would like a resident perspective, please feel free to reach out to me! I write extensively about Linden Homes and will likely be able to point you in the right direction.

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  1. Eilamae

    I have just signed up for Premium Plus in hope to get a Victorian home but I don’t see any choices for these styles of homes:( How do you use the concierge service? Love your blog, btw:)

  2. Lotusspirit

    How long did it take for them to respond back to you?

    • gogo

      Less than a day.

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