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Houseboat // Bellisseria

They say you can never go home again, except in Second Life, where you can! In late 2019, I had a houseboat for a short time before moving on to another shiny new theme. On a whim three years later, I rolled the same houseboat again! This time, instead of the Eveningstar, I chose a different model, the Wallower.

My feelings about houseboats have largely remained consistent over the last three years — they were one of my least favorite themes. I don’t have a houseboat very often because I don’t like the colors or the crowded feeling. But every now and then, I come across a location that I find so appealing that I end up staying for a while. This is true of my current houseboat.

If you keep up with Bellisseria news, you’ll notice that Linden Lab recently released hundreds of houseboats, with thousands more on the way. Bellisseria’s coast has now reached the mainland, allowing residents to sail all the way to the Blake Sea.

Houseboat // Bellisseria
My houseboat with an exterior shell & custom color.

As a land enthusiast, I am constantly monitoring the prices of mainland and private region resales. For a long time, waterfront land on the mainland was prohibitively expensive, particularly along protected oceans like the Blake Sea. Residents who own these lands are asking hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars for small parcels. Mainland has always seemed like a bad investment to me because there is no covenant. Residents are free to rez whatever they want and generally be a bad neighbor by erecting high walls and floating castles in the sky.

In Second Life, there is a sizable sailing community. Linden Lab caters to them by adding water regions and ensuring that the continents are sailable. With the addition of thousands of new houseboats to Bellisseria, residents are getting exactly what they want at a fraction of the cost. If I were looking for sailable land, I would not go for a pricey mainland with bad views all around. Because the covenants are mostly enforced and there are so many oceans and rivers to sail through, Bellisseria is a dream come true.

Houseboat // Bellisseria
Interior shell w/ custom color & wall add-on

Although houseboats are not my favorite, I have grown to appreciate them. All houseboats provide residents with easy access to water for launching their boats. When decorating a houseboat, you don’t even have to save prims to landscape the outside, allowing the inside to be fully decked out and packed to the brim. I like the look of glossy water, so I won’t use as many prims outside as I do in my other Bellisseria homes.

Do you have a Second Life houseboat? Do you want one? If you’re looking for a nice houseboat, there are thousands being built right now that you can simply roll for or request through Concierge service.

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    This looks super pretty, Gogo! I’d love to see how you decorate it ♥

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