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I was a cloud for 24 hours

I was a cloud for 24 hours

As the title says, I was a cloud in Second Life for 24 hours and it sucked! I decided to update my viewer on Monday. Unbeknownst to me, some inventory maintenance was also taking place on the grid at the time, so my inventory vanished. I did a quick Google search for missing inventory and tried so many different things to get the inventory back. I deleted my cache. I did a fresh installation of my viewer(s). I visited a water region. On my computer, I replaced this random inventory cache file. Nothing worked! I came across this blog post about Inventory Management and Performance, which advised me to contact support as soon as possible.

New inventory error message
“There was a problem loading your inventory. First, try logging out and logging in again. If you see this message again, contact Support to correct the problem.”

This error message is new in the Second Life Viewer and is shown to let you know that your inventory has problems.

The sooner you contact Support to resolve this problem, the better! Inventory problems may worsen over time if you keep trying to connect to Second Life before getting assistance from Support.

Please note — clearing the cache and relaunching Second Life will not resolve this specific, new problem that results in this warning message.

Linden Lab

This is how my inventory looked in Second Life, as well as the error message I received:

Second Life Inventory Missing
Second Life Inventory Missing

The worst part about not having inventory is that you won’t be able to rez and will be a cloud until it’s fixed. So I filed a support ticket and waited 24 hours for my inventory to be fixed. Kit Linden was extremely helpful in resolving this issue, which was driving me insane. It’s very disorienting not to have a body in Second Life.

Did your inventory go missing recently? Let me know in the comments!

I’m wearing Pixicat’s new Samira Dress. So, normally, I love everything Pixicat and it’s always flawless, but for some reason, the Maitreya version of this dress is not properly rigged. When I moved, bits of my body that couldn’t be alpha’d out (the dress is semi-transparent lace) showed all over. I contacted the creator but received no response. 8/17 – I received an update of this dress in Second Life from Pixicat and the issue is now fixed.

What I’m Wearing:
Exile – June 1
Hime Dream – Your Lovely Maid .common. Headband
Pixicat – Samara Dress (White)
PYPS – Meowphone (4)

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  1. TheArcherSelina

    My inventory is gone! Im like losing it. Thousands of items just disappeared! Thank you so much for this post. Where do I submit a support ticket?

    • gogo

      To submit a ticket, log in to Second Life, then go to HELP -> Ticket History -> Submit a ticket

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