JuicyBomb - Rainbow EEP Settings

Psst.. rainbows for everyone! From now until September 1st, you can get a free copy of my popular Rainbow EEP settings at the Aurelias Rainy Cafe. It’s on the counter inside the cafe.

I’ve been wanting to update the pack to include N/S/E/W directions for the Cheery Day setting. Today I found out that Linden Lab is using the Cheery Day setting on the debug regions, so I decided to update the pack and give it away for a week. If you previously purchased this, you can get a FREE update on Marketplace.

Identified – We have a fix for the water ripple issue in the works, but in the meantime please teleport to Debug1 or Debug2 and confirm your water ripples load. This should fill your local cache with a copy of the missing texture asset and help things look normal until we roll out the actual fix. Thank you for your patience! Please follow this blog for more updates.

Second Life Status

Have you guys experienced the water ripple issue in Second Life? Let me know in the comments!

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