Autumn in Aurelias

Construction is underway at Aurelias! Our town is growing, and we’ve just finished building a lighthouse. I’m so excited about the arrival of autumn, my favorite season. We had hoped to launch the region last year about this time, but we didn’t make it in time for autumn. I’m so very excited for you to experience autumn in Aurelias, I think you’ll find it very cozy.

In other news, two significant events occurred this week. First, Linden Lab acquired CasperTech, and people are cautiously optimistic. You can read the lively discussion on the forum. Second, Flickr announced the new Virtual Photography category for all of your photos/screenshots. It was a breeze to relabel all of my 20,000+ screenshots to Virtual Photography by using Batch Organize.

How to change your photos to Virtual Photography on Flickr

  1. Go to the Batch Organize link:
  2. At the bottom click on Select all
  3. Click on the photos and drag them up
  4. At the top menu, click on Permissions, click on Set Content Type, select Virtual Photography, click on Change Content Type
  5. Finally, go to to set your default upload preferences. Select Virtual Photography/Machinima.

And you’re done!

I’m quoted on The Metaculture about this and I did not hold back! LOL.

What I’m Wearing:
LeLutka – Kaya
Amara Beauty – Fiona 25 (and a bunch of tattoo makeup/Izzie’s mods)
Lode – Head Accessory – Felora (Passion)
Stealthic – Pulse
Teefy – Dorothy Top (White)
Teefy – Chelsea Boots (Dark Floral) Rare
Empire – Letter Necklace (Gold) G
Hangry – Coffee Run (Coffee)

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