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Submit a ticket for a Linden Home!

My New Linden Home
Photo taken with JuicyBomb – Right Water EEP Settings (modified Better Day)

Look at this sweet new Linden Home I got by submitting a ticket! The process is so easy, even though rolling for one is fun too. I’ve acquired some of my favorite homes the regular way, by getting them on the Land Page. One of the perks of a Premium Plus membership is being able to submit a ticket for an available Linden Home. After I got my last Stilt Home, I said I was done. However, I noticed that all these fresh new stilts regions were named yesterday, so I submitted a ticket for one and it was delivered today. Thank you once again, to Whitney Linden! I picked this house because it’s situated on a peninsula and the back deck faces an unblockable ocean view. Pro tip! Avoid any regions that are on void edges, because the chances of them getting blocked are likely.

My New Linden Home

As of right now, all the regions are still available for ticketing/rolling. Check out Serpent Hatchery, Diving Belle, Gullible, Kelp Me, and many others around there. If they’re not owned by a resident, they’re available.

How to file a Linden Home Concierge Service ticket

When you find your dream home, file the ticket as soon as possible because they are first come, first served. The only way to use this concierge service is to submit a ticket. A Linden Home cannot be obtained through live chat or phone call. Linden Lab will assign you the home if you are the first person to request it via ticket. The ticket is a little confusing because you can skip most of the questions and only answer the last one.

  1. Go to the Submit A Ticket page. You can also get to this from your Second Life dashboard.
  2. Under Issue Type, select Land & Region
  3. Under Land and region, select Linden Homes
  4. Skip to Please describe the issue and fill in the SLURL to the Linden Home you would like to claim as a Premium Plus member.

Can you downgrade from Premium Plus once you get the house?

Yes. I upgrade to Premium Plus in order to use the concierge service for Linden Homes, but I immediately downgrade because I’m not interested in the other benefits. Once 2048 parcels are available, I’ll reconsider upgrading again for other perks. Since Linden Lab never stated that you had to retain Premium Plus for 1024 homes, doing so is 100% acceptable.

My New Linden Home
View from inside

Have you submitted a ticket for a Linden Home? How did it go?

If you don’t know what Linden Homes are available, check out the official wiki.

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  1. Jen

    Hi Gogo, do you prefer a Stilt that’s half on land or say a pure corner water parcel? (both having unblockable views) I’m thinking about switching to a stilt but I can’t decide for the life of me which is nicer, haha. Just wondering your opinion. πŸ™‚

    • gogo

      Hi Jen! I like Stilts on Land that are waterfront. I do not like entirely on water because I feel trapped; unless it is near land. On piers are okay too, but all must have waterfronts.

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