Evermore House

Good morning from Evermore House on Aurelias! Why haven’t I ever been to this house before? It’s so eerie and beautiful, and sits all by itself on this deserted corner of the island. When I asked Sparkle about the reason the previous owners moved out of the house, she said that she had no idea either. I promise that as soon as I learn the real story behind what took place at Evermore House, I will post an update!

You're cordially invited to the Evemores— forever more.
Photo credit: Sparkle

You’re cordially invited to the Evemores— forever more.
The Evermore House was once home to the most notable family on Aurelias. The first Evermores arrived in the 17th century and established themselves on the island. John Evermore, his wife, and their daughter are the last known members of the Evermore family to have lived there. The house has been deserted for a very long time, and it now sits all by itself, patiently awaiting its next guests.

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Stand-alone Homestead Regions

Did you watch the latest Lab Gab episode featuring Patch Linden and Grumpity Linden? I listened to the whole thing, but I lost focus as soon as Patch announced that standalone Homestead regions will be available for purchase by Premium Plus members, starting November 1st.

This is huge news! I suggested this incentive when Premium Plus was announced because residents have been asking for this for years. As a resident, I hate that it’s only available to Premium Plus members, because some day if I ever wanted to downgrade Aurelias, I would have to upgrade to Premium Plus (I’m already regular Premium for my Linden Home). It appears to me that Linden Lab is making every effort to convert residents into subscribers by limiting access to new features for Premium or Premium Plus only.

I now have a full region as well as a few Homestead regions, and I’m already making plans to shuffle them out to the friends who are currently renting them from me. I like giving my friends the power to manage their own region, thus eliminating me from being the intermediary between them and Linden Lab. If Homesteads become immensely popular, Linden Lab will have to increase the number of customer service representatives it employs to support residents, as new region owners will require more assistance. I have recently observed a slowdown in the responses to the support tickets that I have submitted, and one of the tickets has mysteriously vanished from the queue without being resolved. As the owner of an estate, I am concerned that the new system will result in a longer wait time for my land support tickets.

The current iteration of Homestead regions is a subpar product, only getting a quarter of the benefits despite paying nearly half the price of a Full region. They have a monthly cost of $109 USD, come with 5,000 prims, and allow for a maximum of 20 visitors on the region at one time. I’m sure a lot of people, especially business owners, are excited about the prospect of owning their very own Homestead, but unfortunately, it’s only designed for residential or light commercial use. It’s time to revise Homestead regions and provide additional benefits, especially if this is now considered a benefit of the Premium Plus members. My suggestion would be to either decrease the tier by the appropriate amount OR provide more prims, at least 10,000 prims, and increase the number of visitors.

My wish list for land products in Second Life:

  • Waived transfer fees
  • Waived region rename/moving
  • Grandfather in everybody that owns a Homestead region now
    (I shouldn’t have to go Premium Plus in the future to maintain ownership.)
  • Mainland tier increases by 128 sqm, not 512 sqm or larger
  • Peak amount of land held should have a 1-day grace period
    (Recently I won some mainland from auction, immediately my tier went up to the highest level, even though I had intended to immediately put the land into a group with more than enough tier to hold the parcel. Linden Lab didn’t refund me that money, even though I only peaked the land by an hour, LOL).
    Did you know that Linden Lab once offered Lifetime Memberships for just $225 USD and gives up to 4096 sqm free tier?

Does this latest news about Homestead regions effect you in Second Life? Let me know in the comments!

Evermore House

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