Hello from Lavender Bay, an Italian Tuscany-inspired region! I needed a break, so I went to this lovely region with its rolling hills and inviting courtyards.

Do you enjoy holding things as much as I do? I’m a sucker for anything I can hold while striking a lovely bento pose. I now only want items with built-in bento poses because the fingers look so much more natural. This adorable Littlep Wake Up (Cold Brew) set includes several items that can be held simultaneously, making it ideal for strolling around on my vacation.


Look at these Semller Canvas Low Tops with Floral Embroidery! This is beautifully made and adorable! Did you hear that Meta Horizons World is getting legs? I guess they finally realized that having a floating torso is not a good look. Will they have cute shoes? Toes? Nails on the toes? What about nail polish? I’m not sure why journalists are still reporting that the metaverse is coming when it has been here for decades in the virtual world of Second Life.

I haven’t tried Meta Horizons World because I don’t have a VR headset and 3D stuff makes me dizzy. And the most obvious reason? Because Meta’s Facebook actively deletes avatar accounts, I don’t think I could ever trust Horizons World not to delete my avatar account. It doesn’t appear to be a place for creative self-expression, but rather for having your true selves represented digitally for meetings.

Even though Second Life is fantastic, it receives a lot of negative press due to journalists’ lack of understanding. I listened to the Wall Street Journal’s How to Build a Metaverse podcast, and by the end, I was deeply sad. Annie Minoff, the host of the series, stated that she would not return to Second Life or any virtual world because her life is so rich and busy, which sounded dismissive and simply not understanding Second Life at all. I didn’t expect someone who had only paid Second Life a brief visit to ‘get’ it, but I was hoping it would end on a positive note. She interviewed former and current residents, as well as the creator of Second Life, Philip Linden, for the series. What strikes me about Philip in the podcast is that he talks a lot about past Second Life glories and long-gone residents, but has no idea about current projects or anything upcoming that should be celebrated.

Have you listened to this podcast? Let me know in the comments your thoughts about it!

What I’m Wearing:
Exile – Sadie (B)
Aleutia – Sio Top
Aleutia – Sio Shorts
Semller – Worn Canvas Low Tops Floral Embroidery Off-White Mait
Littlep – Wake Cup – Cold Brew Set

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