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Bellisseria Trick or Treat 2022!

Bellisseria Trick-or-Treat 2022!
Trick or Treating with friends – Caroline, me, Hedy, Greg, and Fay!

It feels so good to finally get into the Top 10 in the Bellisseria Trick or Treat event! Last year, I came in Top 35, but I thought that if I had just gotten a few more candies, I would have been in the Top 10. So, my goal for this year was to try to collect all of the candies by going to all of the homes. I got 283 candies on the first day, and by day 7, I had 771. I found out that some of the top 10 winners only had 700 candies, so I could have stopped looking last week. I didn’t want to lose again, so I kept looking and looking until the very last hours last night! In the end, I had hundreds more than I needed to win but I still wasn’t sure I had won until Derrick Linden sent me the bears! <3

Things that made Trick or Treating awful:

  • 0 second orbs immediately teleporting you home
  • 10-15 seconds orbs ejecting you from the parcel
  • Insta-ban security systems (wtf?)
  • People hiding their candy buckets thousands of meters in the sky
  • People with invisible cubes around their homes (wtf?)

Rules that should be implemented next year:

  • Your candy bucket must be no more than 10 meters from your Linden Home mail box
  • You must not have any security systems active while your bucket is on your parcel
Bellisseria Trick-or-Treat 2021!
Linden Bears from last year!

Would I do this event again next year? Yes. I’m very competitive, so I do enjoy the competitive nature of the event. The Lindens don’t publish the list of winners, so if you see someone with any of these bears, you’ll know that they worked really hard to win them. Congratulations, everyone!

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  1. Caroline

    Security system is fine IF you put your bucket at the property line like most people did. I think they tell you to do this in the notecard from LL. Also, the covenant says 15 second security warning. No less.

    Hiding the candy buckets 2500m in the sky was ridiculous. Why do that? And the one upstairs in the cooler.. lol why?

    Overall it was fun! I loved looking at all the decorations. Some people really went all out and it was great! And granny was so nice re-rezzing her bucket for us when the system was down.

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