Ethereal City

Hello from Ethereal City! I had a lot of fun here, and the whole region is a great backdrop for my photos today. I’ve noticed that I only have two styles these days: very casual (cardigans, sweaters, etc.) or “Sugar Baby Chic,” where I go all out and wear something sexy but still cute.

I’ve been trying to take a picture of this outfit for days, but Second Life hasn’t been working with me lately, and the alpha hair/lashes glitches keep happening in all viewers. When alpha glitches happen, I usually do everything I can:

  • Touch/edit the hair
  • Take it on and off
  • Turn materials on/off
  • Change textures
  • Fix materials on my mesh head
  • Cry
  • Change viewer
  • Clear cache
  • Log on and off

When I tried to take this picture again today, the alpha glitches were no longer there! But yes, I have tried everything, and I don’t give up easily. LOL!

Ethereal City

I’ve been loving Amara Beauty skins lately. They just released MIX n MATCH, which lets you change your look by combining BOM layers for your nose, lips, eye area, and eyebrows. I tried on ALL of the BOM layers until I found one that fixed the pull on my eyelids, and now I’m so much happier. These BOM layers are great for adjusting skins on different mesh heads and making the perfect fit for you. All of Izzie’s BOM layers are what makes my whole face possible. Right now, I have 8 layers of Izzie’s BOM on my skin to fix things…. Chin Shadow Concealer, Nose Lightener, Lips Concealer, and Blush/Contour Remover are some of my favorites. I love making a skin look like me by changing it and making it my own.

Ethereal City

I can’t get enough of this Erin dress from Ricielli. I’ve always thought that Ricielli does fabrics very well; I especially like the metallic colors. I’m pairing this with the cutest Milan Clutch from C’est La Vie. This clutch was a Shop and Hop gift from last winter.

What I’m Wearing:
Amara Beauty – Lorena 25
LeLutka – Kaya Mesh Head
Exile – Gemini
Ricielli – Erin Dress
C’est La Vie – Milan Clutch
Ingenue – Abella Heels (Pearl)

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