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New Second Life Membership Plans

Second Life just announced a new membership plan called Plus, which gives residents the right to own mainland and that’s it. Is it worth the money? I compare these new plans by only looking at the benefits that interest me, such as the land allowance, the stipend, and the perks that come with linden homes. I was shocked to find out that the Plus plan does not include a linden home, and the price is nearly equal to the Premium plan.

For residents who sign up for Premium the first time, the bonus included makes it cheaper to be a Premium member for the year, than a Plus member.

Plus: $65.99 – $31.12 (stipend) = $34.87 / year actual cost

Premium: $99 – $62.22 (stipend) = $36.78 / year actual cost
Premium: $99 – $62.22 (stipend) – $3.98 (bonus) = $32.80 / year actual cost

I’m disappointed that the Plus plan doesn’t give an equal amount of land to the “I don’t want a Linden Home” crowd – why so stingy, Second Life? For just $1.91 more per year, you can have twice the land, twice the stipend, a linden home, a bunch of other perks like priority entry when regions are full, more stored instant messages, premium gifts, etc. For the people that are bad at math, the Plus plan sounds like a discount so they’re happy with it, but I’m here to tell you the truth – the Plus plan is a bad deal. If you were going to pay for a membership plan, the Premium is the best deal today.

Let’s talk about Premium Plus! You should get Premium Plus if you want all of the benefits listed above and more. If you’re doing it purely to hold more mainland, you should just get 3 Premium memberships and donate the tier to your group to get that sweet 10% land bonus.

What’s on my wish list? A plan just for Linden Homes. Premium Linden Homes! This plan would allow you to own up to two Linden Homes per account in any combination (512, 1024, or 2048). I have a Linden Home that I adore, but I want to also own another one when the new 2048 comes without abandoning. Make it happen, Second Life!

Are you subscribed to any membership plans? What would make these plans more appealing to you? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. TheWolfMaiden Resident

    When will the Premium Plus allow you to own a homestead? This is something I’ve wanted for a while, but I would need to look at the additional costs.

    • gogo

      Great news – it already does! Submit a ticket to get yours.

      • Tanzanite Amethyst

        Is there more charges in order to get the homestead?

        • gogo

          Yes – Homestead regions are $109/monthly fee, plus $349 initial set up price that includes first month’s tier. Think of Premium Plus like a Costco membership, you’re merely buying the right to buy a homestead.

          • Tanzanite Amethyst

            Thanks for replying, even though plus is yearly, that monthly charge and set up fee beyond me🤦🏾‍♀️

          • Yuki

            Setup fee for a PP+ Homestead is $149 which includes the first month tier. I view it as $109 monthly and an initial setup fee of $40 which was much more doable than my initial understanding of $149 + $109 = $258 to purchase a homestead.

          • gogo

            The setup price for ALL regions includes first month tier, this has always been the case for the past decade plus, even when the price was much higher. PPlus offers no discount of any type, just the ability to own ONE Homestead as long as you are a member.

  2. Bunny

    I wish they’d sell a separate membership for more group space or increase the limits. Im capped at 70 from premium and its not worth it for me to pay $150 for 80 more spaces 🙁

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