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Winter Day

Winter Day

Hello from Aurelias! We launched the region around this time last year, so we’re very excited to celebrate our second winter. We’ve brought back the snow and the Christmas tree on the town square, and we’ve built a lot of cozy places for you to explore and enjoy all around the area. Come take a look!

Aurelias Winter 2022

Welcome to Aurelias! As the winter season sets in and gentle snow start to fall, the atmosphere is full of festive cheer. Everywhere you look, you will find beautiful Christmas decorations, including nutcrackers, a glittering Christmas tree, and a sleigh overflowing with presents. Horse rides are also available for visitors to enjoy, creating a magical and unforgettable holiday experience.


This cozy outdoor sitting area is one of the new additions, so you can get cozy by the fireplace and still enjoy the gentle falling snow outside. Sparkle made the cutest Christmas Card Garland for Shop & Hop. I rezzed it above the fireplace here so you can see it in-world. I love handmade holiday decorations and this definitely has that rustic handmade look.

Winter Day
Winter Day
Sparkle Skye – Christmas Card Garland (@ Shop & Hop)

What I’m Wearing:
Stealthic – Heist
Teefy – Emily Sweater Onepiece (White Perfection)
Dust Bunny – Shearling Bunny Phone (Brown)
Ingenue – Lollie Sneakers (Oyster)

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