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Truth Collective

Truth Collective x Faga – Loved hairstyle

Are you excited about the Truth Collective? This collaboration between Truth, Faga, and Wasabi, is the first of its kind on the grid. Faga and Wasabi joins the Truth brand to release hairstyles using Truth HUDs and textures. This is exciting news for all Truth hair fans to enjoy hairstyles from both of these creators, but still be able to wear their favorite Truth hair color.

When I questioned Truth Hawks about the partnership, he explained that, “I’ve been thinking about it for a while… in the last couple of years RL projects have taken me away SL so I haven’t had time to create hair more regularly. I’m always asked why there aren’t more Truth releases so I thought let’s do this, it’s a win-win for everyone.”

Truth – Star hairstyle

Truth’s HUDs and colors will undoubtedly enhance the hairstyles created by Faga and Wasabi. Wasabi is an established hair brand with a loyal following, and Faga appears to be the newest of the three brands. By working together, Wasabi and Faga will gain visibility while also helping to maintain the Truth brand’s release schedule consistent for its loyal fan base.

I’m excited to see more creative collaborations between Second Life brands. What do you think? Let me know in the comments if you see this as being a great move for all brands involved!


What I’m Wearing:
Truth – Star hairstyle
Truth Collective x Faga – Loved hairstyle
Dazed – Heart Fluff Earring
DarkMouse – Filigree Heart Necklace
Lunar – Chanty Jacket (Twilight SE)
CandyDoll – Teena Jump White
Tetra – Lara High Boots (Ivory)
Dust Bunny – Planty Pillows (Pom Cactus)

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  1. Donna

    Hey Gogo, just a heads up – its Faga, not Fraga 🙂

    I do like this idea a lot because I love Truth’s hair textures. I’m looking forward to more releases from this collective.

    • gogo

      Fixed it! Thank you so much!

  2. Kallie Faulkes

    Looking forward to it, though admittedly have not bought truth hair for some time. more variety never hurts

  3. lei

    Not a fan of Faga or Wasabi. Faga’s hair look…stiff? These will be a miss for me. I hope Truth pairs up with some of the other non mainstream brands to give those creators exposure.

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