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Family Last Names Coming Soon?

The VWBPE conference session — ATB: What’s Up at the Lab? was a great listen. Spiff Whitfield was a great host, and the Lindens were very informative.

One of the most interesting things I learned was that Linden Lab is expanding the Custom Name Program to introduce Family Names. This is a great move that will allow estates, businesses, and random groups to distinguish themselves from the rest of the grid. Branding is so vital in Second Life, and this will be a great way for people to create their own brands.

I was also excited to hear that Linden Lab is considering bringing back Lifetime accounts. I’ve been a Second Life resident for many years, and I would love to have the security of knowing that my Linden Homes will be mine for life. I’m sure many other residents would feel the same way.

Patch Linden said that EEP settings are done manually per region, therefore it will be tackled after PBR launches. This means that mainland residents will not get this feature anytime soon.

I can’t wait for the Family Names to launch and also for Lifetime accounts to come back! Take my money, Second Life!

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  1. Serene Fairey

    I hope they really do the lifetime membership. I would def want that!!

  2. Pristine Moonlight

    I hope they bring back to lifetime accounts. That would be great.

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