Black Dragon has just released an update that includes a revolutionary new feature – the ability to create and export poses from the viewer! The pose edit menu was already a great way to adjust poses, but now you can also make poses from scratch and save them as .anim files to your computer. These poses can then be uploaded back to Second Life, making it much easier to create custom poses.

This update is especially great for those who want to create bento hold animations, as it takes away the need to learn complex software and simplifies the process. At the moment, only poses can be created, but Black Dragon may be adding more keyframes in the future for animations.

If you find this new feature useful, consider supporting Black Dragon on their Patreon. It’s a great way to show your appreciation for the hard work they have put into this update.

The Black Dragon pose export feature is amazing because:

  • Allows you to create better poses for furniture that is perfect for you
  • You can make holding stuff poses
  • Create standing poses with bento hands
  • Export poses and share them with friends
  • Create complex group poses to share with each other or everyone in Second Life
  • With this feature, you can even start a pose shop without needing any third-party software

Let me know in the comments if you’re as excited about the new pose export feature as I am! What will you do with this?

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