Market Days

I went to the Arcade to specifically play for the Movement Grab and Go set. I needed everything here cos I love holdables/wearables and anything that’s juicy (aka fruits). Do you think we should build a convenience store on Aurelias? Let me know in the comments if you think a store would be cute and we’ll make it happen!

BonnieBots for Linden Homes

In my last post, I asked if you want to learn more about Land things in Second Life. Today I’ll show you how to use the new Map View feature on BonnieBots to get the home of your dream. I’ve been manually sorting the Linden Homes list to scroll for abandoned homes, but Map View is so much more fun. It’s so fast to zoom into an area that I’m interested in and watch the pin move right to the house.

As I was scrolling the map, I noticed that a very nice coastal Victorian home was available. I immediately opened the map to confirm that it was still Linden Home, and then I told my friend to get it from the land page. Getting a house on the land page is still a random process, but if there’s not a lot in the queue, you can get it with just one roll or a few rolls.


I showed another friend how to use Map View and she found a very nice houseboat, but had to submit a ticket for it cos there are a lot of houseboats available. They probably won’t sell out any time soon, if ever.

While the BonnieBots site is not updated in real time, it does give a pretty accurate view of availability. If you’re thinking of moving, check it out and see what’s available before you abandon your current home.

BonnieBots for Abandoned Mainland

I don’t love mainland, but I have some. I use the Abandoned Land tab on the BonnieBots site to see what’s available that I can submit a ticket for. Sometimes the Lindens will sell you the land for L$1/per sqm, and sometimes they put it up for auction if they think they can get more money for it. Your chances of getting the land depend on whether or not you already own land in the region, or for other vague reasons that only Linden Lab knows.

Is Second Life shutting down BonnieBots?

You may have read some grumblings about BonnieBots lately, but I don’t think that Second Life is shutting down this site any time soon. In fact, they may even offer them a job for delivering so many features that residents want and use. I love the land features and stats available. If Second Life wanted to make the Land portal better, they would implement all of these things instead of just sending residents to a search page to view land for sale.

If you want to learn more about Land in Second Life, let me know in the comments!

What I’m Wearing:
LeLutka – Ubon Mesh Head
Truth – Maven
Chu-ing – Velvet Heart (8)
Yummy – Paradise Pendant Necklace
MVT – Healthy Meal Prep (Fruit) Rare
MVT – Plastic Shopping Bag (Tomato)
Ingenue – Abella Heels (Pearl)

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