Milk & Dumplings

One of my SL friends, Alicia Chenaux, is now a Twitch streamer, and she occasionally receives gifts from people that watch her stream. I think it’s so nice that the Twitch community shows their appreciation of each other by giving real-world gifts, not just in-game things.

How can Second Life residents show their appreciation for each other outside of Second Life? I’ve been researching some platforms used by online content creators, and here are three that are a good start.

Ways to send gifts to your favorite SLers:

Setting up my Ko-fi was quick and easy. While Ko-fi claims they take 0% in fees, the payment processor that you can connect to your Ko-fi account (PayPal or Stripe) will take their standard processing fees percentage.

Whether you’re donating or receiving payments, be sure to set up a business account. On Ko-fi, you can donate anonymously, but once the transaction is processed through PayPal or Stripe, it shows your real name and email unless you have a business account.

If you want to use Ko-fi to accept payments or any platform like it, be sure to research privacy settings and create the right account to ensure that your info remains private.

Throne is a gifting platform where users can create Wishlists and it’s completely anonymous for both parties, much like an Amazon wishlist. Setting up my Throne wishlist was a breeze! I like that you can opt to receive items or gift cards on this platform.

I added Patreon to this list even though I decided to not use it anymore. The fees are too high on Patreon and I think it’s not the right platform for Second Life residents. This platform may work for certain projects in Second Life where residents receive different levels of incentives, but it’s not the best one for people that just want to explore gift-giving on their blogs.

Did you know that Second Life bloggers spend a lot of money? Here are some of the things I pay for, that are not items in Second Life:

  • Domain name registration
  • Website hosting
  • Adobe Creative Cloud subscription & other editing software
  • Flickr Pro
  • Grammarly & writing apps

While I don’t expect to receive anything from anyone, I think it would be a nice surprise to get encouragement from people that enjoy my content. I’m hoping to see more SLers utilize these gift-giving platforms to offset the cost of running a blog. Let me know in the comments how likely are you to use this to get gifts or give gifts!

Side note, I just found out that CHU-ING closed last year, and I’m devastated. If you like this brand as much as I do, you can still buy a lot of their gacha items on the Marketplace.

What I’m Wearing:
LeLutka – Ubon Mesh Head
Stealthic – Havoc
CHU-ING – Breath of Spring (Rare) Dress, Shoes, Hair pin
FenDuDu – Lucky Doll-dumpling #Rare 02
Halo – Freshly Farmed Strawberry Milk
Toksik – Dolly nails

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