Weekend Vibes

Did you ever buy a sign just cos it has your name on it? The Hello Gorgeous sign from RAMA will now grace my Second Life walls. Typically I would not pay L$550 for a pack of neon signs, but how could I resist this? For everyone that’s new here, Gogo is short for Gorgeous.

Weekend Vibes

Teefy is back! I’m wearing the corset portion of the Cho Top from Teefy. I mix and matched items in my inventory to make a new outfit. Some of these items are even free, so you don’t have to always buy new things to have fun with your look. My friend knows that I love holdables, so she sent me a drink from Kreamy.

I found out that The Saturday Sale raised prices from L$75 to L$100, and even though that’s still a bargain, you can get even better deals elsewhere. I decided to expand my weekend sales shopping to other events that are still under L$75. Check out the Seraphim list of the weekend sales! The idea of weekend sales is getting a bargain for an item that’s older or a recolor. These events are still a bargain – 65L So Kawaii Sundays, 35L Sunday Sales, 60L Happy Weekend, Fifty Linden Friday, 30L Saturday, and more.

What I’m Wearing:
Exile – Titania
SIGMA – Beads Necklace
Teefy – Cho Top
Alaskametro – Eve Jeanshorts (02)
Cae – Pearl Headband
Witchwood – Pink Heart Sunglasses
Kreamy – Coffee with rose (Ice)

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