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Losing Real Money at Second Life’s Fake Casino

Second Life's FAKE Casino
Photo taken at Helios Casino & Lounge; a Second Life casino owned by Linden Lab

Welcome to the Helios Casino & Lounge. Linden Lab created a roleplay casino experience in Second Life where residents can play the games with free daily tokens. When the tokens run out, residents can buy more with Linden dollars. But wait a minute, I thought casinos were banned in Second Life? Well, they still are. The Helios Casino is a fake casino where you can spend real money to buy tokens and play games to win coins that you can’t cash out or convert back into Linden dollars or real money.

So what’s the point of all of this? The point is for Linden Lab to make money. That’s it. You won’t even have fun playing these games cos there are no risk and rewards. As someone who enjoys buying lottery tickets, gacha machines, playing games at real-life arcades to win stuff, gambling virtually does appeal to me. When I read the announcement on twitter, I was interested, until I realized you can’t actually win any money. If you enjoy casino games, you can already play them online elsewhere, you don’t need to do it in Second Life.

Second Life's FAKE Casino

Does Linden Lab know that this preys on those with gambling addictions? Yes, they do. There is a sign about responsible gaming with information for the National Problem Gambling Helpline Network. Why would you create a fake casino where people can lose real money, and then post a sign for an addiction hotline?

Second Life's FAKE Casino

Buying the coins to play aka “Chip Packages” aren’t cheap either! 800 coins start at $L799 and the most expensive is 30,000 coins for L$9999 (or about $37 USD).

Second Life's FAKE Casino

I played this machine to see how fast I could burn through the free 500 coins they gave me and it took MINUTES. It’s very fast to burn through them, win some back or lose it all. Note that winning doesn’t even matter in this casino, cos you can’t give the coins away, you can’t redeem it for anything, you can just play more games, lose more coins, rinse and repeat.

I’m not impressed with this casino experience at all. If this was operated like a real online casino where I could lose some money and win some money, it would be more exciting to me. I have a lottery app on my phone with games just like this, and I can set a spending limit or burn all of my money if I want to. I don’t see why pretending to play casino games and winning coins that you can’t redeem for anything would appeal to anybody.

Does this fake casino appeal to you? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Obviouslee

    I think it’s literally the dumbest (and greediest) idea that LL has thrown at us since I joined in 2008.

  2. Arne

    I AFK here sometimes cause I like the ambience. But buying their coins in exchange of lindens is probably the dumbest idea xD

  3. Kris

    There are still casinos in SL and renaming it to “skill gaming” doesn’t make it any less of a casino. People still lose alot and with “skill gaming” they made the chances of winning even more slim than the older machines. Even that pathetic win 8 percent back doesn’t cut it. People are still gambling and these “skill gaming” machines operate at more way more of a risk and chance than skill. With actual skilled games you have the chance to win if you have skill. These are still your average casino run places. It wouldn’t surprise me if these large casinos in SL were LL employees on alts.

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