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How to Install Stable Diffusion Locally

Stable Diffusion + Adobe Generative Fill
Image created with Stable Diffusion + Adobe Generative Fill

Adobe’s new Generative Fill feature in Photoshop (beta) is a game changer! You need to Google it right now and be amazed at all of the creative uses. I’ve been playing around with it all week by adding accessories to my Second Life avatar, changing the background in my photos, and expanding missing portions of a cropped image. The best thing about Adobe Generative Fill is that you can leave it blank and let AI figure out how to fill in the missing pixels.

Click here to see all of my Adobe Generative Fill videos

A lot of you have asked me how to install Stable Diffusion or how to use it, and I’m happy to help point you to the right tutorials. I learned a lot by watching YouTube tutorials for installation, and how to use all of the different models and extensions. I deep-dived into this about 2 months ago and within 2 weeks, I felt comfortable with the Stable Diffusion UI. I’m still learning every single day cos AI is moving so fast, and there are so many updates weekly.

The reason I picked Stable Diffusion over the more popular MidJourney is cos it’s FREE with a local installation. It also has a lot of great features that MidJourney does not have.

How to Install Stable Diffusion?

Follow these YouTube tutorials to install it locally on your computer. Depending on how computer-savvy you are, this installation process is pretty complicated. I relied on YouTube tutorials to help me, so shout out to the channels below!

Easy Diffusion

Install Easy Diffusion with 1-click if the above is too complicated. It’s still Stable Diffusion but with a different UI.

Follow the /StableDiffusion subreddit

/r/StableDiffusion/ – I learn something new every day here. The community is really awesome and they know everything.

Join the StableDiffusion group on Flickr!

Submit your photos to StableDiffusion on Flickr and follow others.

Ugh, Stable Diffusion is Complicated!

You can use these alternatives:

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  1. Michael H

    Thanks for the information about Easy Diffusion. I tried installing Stable Diffusion a few weeks ago and had no luck with it. I was able to get it installed and already have a few sample images.

    • gogo

      You’re welcome! Easy Diffusion really lives up to its name.

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