The WelcomeHub

Hello from the new Linden WelcomeHub! It’s opening day, so there are lots of residents here checking it out, including mentors on hand to greet and help new residents. My friend, who was volunteering as a mentor, reported that she had already helped plenty of people. The futuristic and bright atmosphere reflects the SL20B slogan — “Our Fantastic Future”.

The WelcomeHub regions also includes Linden Homes demo, Motown, Helios Casino, a Sandbox, and a few other things to showcase things you can do in Second Life.

Motown in Second Life

If you’re new to Second Life, welcome! Don’t feel pressured to go shopping, buy a mesh body, look good, own land, etc. Just focus on making friends, learning how to walk, opening packages, explore public spaces, and it’s okay to wear the free Library avatars. A lot of people swarm new residents with places to shop and help them look good, but they still leave Second Life cos they don’t have any friends or any reason to stay.

Tasty Pizza on WelcomeHubShopping

I’m having a slice of pizza at the new WelcomeHubShopping region. I’m surprised there’s a shopping region here with merchants selling items at full price. New residents don’t have any money, it’s very unusual for someone to make an account and immediately buy Lindens. There should have been a Welcome Gift Shop with a couple of free hairstyles, outfits, and other things new residents might enjoy to help them learn how to buy, wear, and unpack things. I think a Welcome Bear would be the cutest thing to give new residents. When I was a newbie, everyone ran around wearing flexi wings, and other flexi things LOL!!

Free pizza at the Tasty Pizza

What I’m Wearing:
LeLutka – Ubon Mesh Head
Amara Beauty – Josie 25
Exile – Tatiana (@ Hair Fair)
Cheezu – Feel Something (Bustier, Skirt)
Ingenue – Edmee Loafer (Studs) Ivory
Cheezu – Gold Citrus Earrings

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