Second Life is on a podcast! Hamlet Au and Sparkely Sugar (Sparkle Skye) are guests on the latest episode of 2 Girls 1 Podcast. Tune in and listen as they talk about what contributes to Second Life’s longevity and why it still captivates residents.

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‘Second Life’ Turns 20, and It’s Still the Metaverse We Always Dreamed Of

In June 2003, a new community appeared on the Internet. It wasn’t a Web forum or a hot new blog. It was a fully 3D virtual world where people could create an avatar, buy a house, wear fancy clothes, fall in love, and fly. For context, this is months before the world would ever hear the word “Myspace.”

Twenty years later, Second Life remains one of the most vibrant online spaces ever created. While small compared to other social juggernauts, Second Life is home to thousands of fascinating subcultures and creators – many of whom make a fantastic IRL living from selling their art, clothes, and animations in-world. The financial symbiosis between the platform and the players who make everything on it remains unique to this day, even in a world of endless MMOs and live service video games.

Alli and Lindsey speak with author and journalist Wagner James Au, who has been covering Second Life and other virtual worlds since their inception. They’re also joined by Sparkle Skye, a Second Life creator who quit her job in finance to make virtual wedding gowns full-time. They discuss the legacy of Second Life, its unique place on the Internet, and what’s next for the platform in a sea of new “metaverses.”

Check out James’ new book, Making a Metaverse That Matters:

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