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Senra Jamie, Second Life NUX Avatar

Senra Jamie, Second Life NUX Avatar

Meet Jamie, one of two Senra avatars coming soon to Second Life. These are the New User Experience (NUX) avatars created by Second Life for new residents. They come with a mesh body, mesh head, skins, eyes, hair, shoes, clothing, and a basic animation override.

The Senra avatars (Jamie and Blake) briefly appeared in the Library on the main grid and are now gone again. I recalled that the beta grid lags behind the main grid, so I logged on there in search of Jamie, and I found her in the Library. I had an authentic new user experience because my inventory was empty, so I had to make do with Library items.

Senra Jamie, Second Life NUX Avatar
Senra Jamie, Second Life NUX Avatar

By 2023 standards, these are not pretty. Although it’s mesh, it’s very basic mesh for the hair and clothing, and the styles are boring. The included AO has some very noob poses in it, not something you could wear around the grid without looking aloof. Even though I’m not that impressed by the options included, I do think it has lots of potential to be customized by residents and make even better.

For Senra to be a success, Second Life needs to encourage brands to create for it. Give the brands store space on the WelcomeHub, and create a Senra-only shopping district. Otherwise, this will just be another library avatar that nobody wears.

Senra Jamie, Second Life NUX Avatar
Senra Jamie, Second Life NUX Avatar

If you want to try the new Senra avatars out for yourself, hop on the beta grid. Let me know what you think of them in the comments!

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  1. Christie

    Looks Cool! Is it in the beta viewer ? I see a file that is it I guess I gotta go see how to download it. I got prem so on but think anyone can use right or in beta viewer.

  2. Lysi

    I can’t get over how the well-paid creative minds at LL cannot seem to create a decent AO to save their lives. They had an opportunity to provide an AO that doesn’t immediately signal to everyone that the avatar is a newbie, and what do they do? Create another duckwalk. #fail

    • Sarah

      Someone will make one many creators are on board this beauty project of these cute avatars everyone needs love.

      • Anna

        For sure

  3. Sarah

    I heard Simple Bloom and others wanting to make stuff they are ready.

  4. Polly Pixelbottom

    hi, gogo!

    I couldn’t agree with you more! I’m a new avatar, rezzed on 17 September and just turned 27 days old today. The avatar designer website was fun – pick a body, hair, clothes, etc. I did my best, but when I got in-world with Senra/Jamie it wasn’t fun. The avatar looks like Gumby! With less personality than Gumby or Pokey!

    While shopping someone told me about all the Black Friday sales coming up in 7 weeks or so, so I’m waiting for those. I really like LeLutka Halle and Maitreya Lara and will get them then. ATM I’m walking around in Halle/Lara Demos because even with “Demo” prims floating around my head and body I still feel/look better than dreaded Jamie.

    Walking around in Jamie I felt like nobody. Even with the demo tags I still feel like “me”! I looked at some of the older starter avatars in the Library and I like them better than Jamie. Some of them have class and style. Jamie’s face just feels like melting clay.

    Thanks for your blog, gogo, I’m happy to hear that it’s not just me! 😛

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