Left: Glam Affair Skin – Feoui | Right: with BoM tattoos added

The new Feoui skin from Glam Affair Skin is one of the cleanest skin I’ve ever seen from the brand, it comes without heavy shading on the face (especially Glam’s signature one side of the nose is more shaded than the other side). I’m not a fan of that, but I get why some skin designers are doing it to give the face more depth or simulate shadows, but it’s so awkward in normal lighting. When I tried on this Feoui skin, I was pleasantly surprised it’s so clean! I still ended up adding a bunch of BoM layers to the face to remove blush, change eyelids, and and few touches to make it more Gogo.

I wish Second Life would update the viewer with drag-and-drop layers, cos using the up/down arrow is so tedious when you’re wearing 30 BoM layers! I don’t even take the previous skin off when I try on new skin, I just add the new skin and re-order the layers. I tend to forget which skins are my current favorites, so I’m always wearing all of them. LOL!

What layers am I wearing? (all of these are for LeLutka EvoX)
Glam Affair – Feoui – Brows Toner White (tinted)
Izzie’s – Cupid’s Bow Fix
Izzie’s – Chin Shadow Concealer
Izzie’s – Nostril Lightener
Izzie’s – 01 Eyeliner Black
Amara Beauty – Amalia Lipstick Evo X – Nude (nude lips look great under HD lips)
Izzie’s – Lower Lips Concealer
Izzie’s – 04 Blush/Contour Remover
Izzie’s – Eyelid Changer Large Cr 11
Izzie’s – Neck Blender (necessary, cos I’m wearing Pink Fuel body skin)

The hardest thing about BoM layers is figuring out the ordering, so that it looks good and nothing is cut off. I’ve mastered this but even sometimes it confuses me cos if you don’t order them just right, things get cut off.

To re-arrange BoM layers, click on the Appearance menu icon (the t-shirt), then go to Wearing tab, right-click on any layer, and select Edit Outfit. This is where the up/down arrows show up, so you can re-order by clicking on them.

Added a photo of the arrows cos my friend said “what arrows?”

Sometimes I wear even more or less BoM fixes, depending on if I’m trying to cover up the nose shadow, change things around the eyes, or fix the nostrils. Izzie’s has all of the BoM layer fixes you’ll ever need. I wear a couple of body layers to lighten the heavy body shading as well. Then I further enhance the skin with the LeLutka HUD (HD makeup layers).

Glam Affair Skin

The Blossom Wreath by Sparkle Skye is at TLC for another week! The fatpack of this special edition includes new colors and allows you to mix-and-match the flower options. I love how well it pairs with the curly Dusk hairstyle from Truth Collective. I’ve been liking curly hair a lot in Second Life!

What I’m Wearing:
LeLutka – Ubon Mesh Head
Glam Affair – Feoui (Beige C)
Sparkle Skye – Blossom DBL Wreath
Truth Collective – Dusk
Cheezu – Bias Phone
Tetra – Blossom (Denim Skirt)
Tetra – Off-Shoulder Cardigan
Tetra – Purity Top

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