I’m entering my cape fashion era. When I’m not wearing casual pieces, I really like to dress up and pretend I’m a lady from the past, maybe the 1800s! I am wearing the Sweet Time cape from Toksik. This pairs beautifully with the Flirty Slip from Tres Blah. You can wear a cape with casual/modern dresses, or pair it with any outfit that you want… capes are the best!


A friend said to me… Gogo, you only wear 3 hair brands. This is kind of true, I only 3 hair brands as my staples, and then sometimes I add a new brand if there’s a style that I like. I think I will start adding Wings hair to my list of hair brands, so now that’s 4 brands that I wear. This brand is super cute, and I’ve already found a few hairstyles that I love.

Glam Affair - Maree Skin

Today I’m wearing the new Maree Skin from Glam Affair. I’m starting to appreciate more textured skins instead of the perfectly airbrushed look. Glam tends to do a lot of baked-on shadows shadows and thick brows. This Maree skin specifically has shadows baked onto one side of the nose, which you can remove with the Flat Shadows tattoo (included). Shouldn’t it be the other way around? I like it when brands experiment with different shading techniques if they also include a bare skin as well.

I made a simple nose tattoo that I made to fix some stray dark pixels around the nostrils. I’m also pairing this skin with the brows from the Glam Affair Feoui skin (wearing the white brows and tinting it brown). You can pair the skin with any brows you like, or wear the original brows. With a few tattoo fixes, this skin could be my new default skin for a while.


BNNB Makeup has a great fatpack of Cindy eyes for $99L this weekend. I’m super picky about eyes and I love these. The eyes sclera are a nice clear white color, iris comes in a bunch of colors and it’s just the right size and gloss. Get it at their main store.

What I’m Wearing:
LeLutka – Ubon Mesh Head
Wings – Daisy Hair
Glam Affair – Maree (Beige C)
Toksik – Sweet Time Cape
Tres Blah – Flirty Slip (White)
Insomnia Angel – Lace Cuffs
Bauhaus – Marlene Shoes (White)
BNNB Makeup – Cindy eyes

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