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Gogo in Palia


Hello from Palia! I’ve been playing this game for 5 days now, and I’ve made a lot of progress. I’m not a gamer outside of Second Life, yet I found this MMO very easy to play. I’ve found that I really like to hunt and mine, so I’ve leveled up my tools and just run around doing those two tasks more than the other tasks. I’ve managed to build a decent home and amassed some gold as well.


With the gold you earn, you can go to the stores and buy furniture, recipes to build/make things, upgrade your house, etc.


The basic smelter! You gather your materials through mining and turn them into useful things for construction.

All of my Second Life friends are now playing Palia, leveling up their tents into mansions, and really getting into this game. For me, this game is fun because you get a great dopamine hit when you level up, and it doesn’t cost any money. I get so much motion sickness playing this game, even with Camera Shake turned off. It’s so fun, wish I could play it without feeling absolutely nauseous right after.

If you’re interested in playing Palia, sign up with my referral link and we both get a gift!

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  1. colleen Criss

    Also addicted to this MMO. For me since there is really no end game, it’s relaxing. I avoid the NPC’s mostly because they always have some quest for you to do! Have you gone to Maji Market yet?

  2. Dojiba Sabra

    I’ve been playing this as well. I like mining and hunting, but fishing and bug catching are boring. The soothsayer outfit has caught my eye, even though I swore I wouldn’t put any money into this game!

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