Trick-or-treat! It took me 11 days to complete the Bellisseria Trick-or-Treat event and collect 800 candies to receive all of the Boopie prizes. Unlike the previous two years, this year’s is more transparent about how many candies you should collect to win the top prize. Even if you collect just 1 candy, you can still get a cute Spooky Cat Boopie.

If you want to get at least 400 candies, use the public candy list created by residents. Even though this sounds easy, it still took a lot of time and dedication to run through the public list cos a lot of the residents whose homes are hosting these buckets have ridiculous 15-second security orbs, not giving enough time to find the bucket and collect your candy before you’re ejected from the parcel.

I look forward to this event so much, but I hope that Second Life also creates events for Christmas and other holidays that are just as festive.

If you’re trick-or-treating, my best tip is to do it as a group and divide and conquer. Gather your friends and visit every Bellisseria region and find those candies!

Happy Hunting!

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