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Lilith, new LeLutka Mesh Head

LeLutka - Lilith Mesh Head
LeLutka – Lilith Mesh Head & Glam Affair – Damned Mask

Have you seen Lilith, the new LeLutka mesh head? The collaboration between LeLutka, Glam Affair, and Velour is so timely for Halloween. This mesh head includes add-on horns that you can wear to create a uniquely demonic look. I’m wearing the Lilith Damned Mask from Glam Affair over my skin (also from Glam Affair). I never thought I would be sporting a demonic look, but it suits me here. I predict this mesh head will launch a whole new underworld roleplay in Second Life, it’s that good. Will there be mesh accessories created for Lilith horns? Will there be hair created specifically for Lilith horns? I’m completely blown away at how well done this head is, and you’re getting a deal because it can also be worn as a regular head.

LeLutka - Lilith Mesh Head

When I try on a new mesh head, I always edit the shape a little bit to see if it’s something I could wear. Then if I like it, I go all in and spend hours editing my shape until it’s exactly right. I’m on version 10 right now of my new Lilith shape, tweaking the sliders so that the face and profile look great. I was wearing Ubon, which was released just 8 months ago, and still feels very new to me. I have a few favorites from the LeLutka releases, but I do like to change and not be stuck wearing one mesh head for a long time.

However, I have noticed that the majority of Second Life skin brands only create for the LeLutka Avalon mesh head. Even though skins created for Avalon fit well, it’s never a perfect fit. A while ago, I asked Jaden Nova (the creator of LeLutka) why she thinks skin creators create for Avalon and not other newer mesh heads, and she said that she thinks skin creators have the PSD file for Avalon ready, so they don’t feel like starting over with a new mesh head. If you pay attention to skin ads, you’ll see that many of them are created for/shown on Avalon. How old is the Avalon mesh head? Two years old. It’s not doing the other mesh heads justice when skin creators don’t lean into their unique meshes and create specifically for them.

After I’m happy with my new shape for a new mesh head, I always check out the Basic Moods animation to see if it looks good there too. Sometimes I make minor adjustments if the eyes pop out while an animation is in play.

Have you tried the new LeLutka Lilith Mesh head? Let me know in the comments if you’ll be making the switch!

What I’m Wearing:
LeLutka – Lilith Mesh Head
Stealthic – Cynical
Glam Affair – Maree (Beige C)
Glam Affair – Lilith Damned Mask 5
Miwas – Power Up Chain Earrings #Silver
Cheezu – Hara Dress

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  1. Elle Couerblanc

    Apparently, the creators have a love for Diablo 4, LOL. I love how you have modded your shape to still look like Gogo but with a touch of evil. I might be a convert!

  2. Polly Pixelbottom

    Yes! I always wondered why “Avalon, Avalon, Avalon!”?

    I have bought skins for other heads and even if they were “designed for/shown on Avalon” they seem to work great on my head. At least to my pedestrian eyes. No doubt you and other experts could see the difference. Still, I don’t think it’s as glaring as when people use skins from yesteryear on their BOM Bodies and the toes come out funky.

    Thanks for the blog post!! ^^

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