Hello from… Aurelias! That’s right, we’re coming back soon. After a short hiatus, Sparkle and I are bringing back a brand new theme for the holiday season. I’ve been dropping hints here and there in the Aurelias Flickr group. Can you guess what theme we’re doing this year?

PBR Materials are here! Since I found out that Physically Based Rendering (PBR) was coming to Second Life, I decided to stop buying furniture and decor, and just wait for the PBR version. I probably should stop buying clothes and avatar accessories, but I’m too addicted to cheap goodies. Are you excited about PBR?

I haven’t downloaded a PBR-enabled viewer yet, but I will once it’s widely available on the grid. Will current things look better or worse? My biggest concern is not liking the view, and I’ve been here for so many Second Life changes! I think I’m adaptable, but I also hate when all of my things suddenly change overnight. So, because of this, I’ve been hesitant to buy things for a few months just in case a newer version rolls out and designers make me buy it again.


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What I’m Wearing:
LeLutka – Lilith
Glam Affair – Maree (Beige C)
Exile – Svetlana
Poison Rouge – Brigid Hat (Magnolia)
Ricielli – Abbie Dress
Toksik – Enamor Cape
Alaskametro – Justinia Tights (White)
Ingenue – Signe Boots

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