Wings hair from the 11.11 sale!

In China, November 11 is celebrated as Singles’ Day, originally a celebration for single people that has transformed into a major online retail event. Chinese consumers take advantage of discounts and promotions, making it the world’s largest shopping festival. Singles’ Day has expanded globally, showcasing the power of e-commerce.

For the past few years, Second Life brands have promoted 11/11 as a shopping event offering discounts to residents. It’s an opportunity for brands to capture the consumer spending market before the glut of Black Friday sales. This year, some of my favorite brands are participating in 11/11, so I took advantage of the discount to stock up on items I didn’t already own.

I was at Toksik to see if there was anything I wanted that I didn’t already own, but unfortunately, I already owned everything I wanted. Then my friend Sasy said, “You need to go to Wings… beautiful hair!” so I went and bought some hairstyles that I didn’t already own. I picked up six new hairstyles from Wings, with prices ranging from L$150-L$160 per hair color pack.


If you want to stretch your budget in Second Life, November and December are the months for sales, even better than the usual weekend sales that are available. Have you found something from the 11/11 sale that is a must-have? Let me know in the comments!


What I’m Wearing:
Wings – ES0401 Hair
LeLutka – Lilith
Glam Affair – Maree (Beige C)
Cheezu – Minseo Top, Minseo Skirt
Cheezu – Dream Girls (Shoes Brown)
Toksik – Lunar Nails
Toksik – Usagi Headband
Halo – Fresh Farmed (Strawberry Milk)

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