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12 Days of Christmas

12 Days of Christmas, free skins!

12 Days of Christmas is here! The biggest Christmas tradition in Second Life is the free mesh head from LeLutka! It surpasses every event on the grid that I can think of, and residents look forward to this. I can’t imagine if LeLutka doesn’t give a gift head one year, would Christmas get canceled?

I went to all of the participating skin stores and picked out 4 skins that are very pretty and fit well with the free Noel head. Most of these are for EvoX and work with light Velour skin tones. I was going to blend these head skins into my usual Pink Fuel body skins, but then I found out that I already have the Velour BoM body skins as part of the Maitreya LaraX update. I wish skin brands would start including the bodies with their skins again. There’s no reason to sell bodies separately, just throw it all in there. A lot of brands are already giving out FREE body skins, cos that makes sense. It’s already very complex to match different mesh heads with different bodies, appliers, and BoM, so just give us the body so we’re not left wondering why our bodies aren’t matching our faces.

From left to right: Avarose – Raven (Porcelain) | Glam Affair – Winnie (Flower) | Ives – Noelle (Rose Kiss) | Amara Beauty – Karol (Rose Kiss)
*all worn with Velour body skins except for Glam Affair, that’s Pink Fuel

Most of the gifts are for female avatars but there are a decent number of free items for male avatars too. Did you get the 12 Days of Christmas gifts? Let me know in the comments what was your favorite item!

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  1. Dojiba Sabra

    The only gifts I kept were the Lelutka head (which I haven’t tried on yet) and the Avi-Glam eyes. I didn’t like any of the other items as well as what I already owned. So I guess that’s the long way of saying the eyes were my favorite.

  2. Ava Bloodrose

    WoW Skins have a calendar running and their EvoX skins are full body, so no matching nonsense. It’s worth the group fee to grab that many skin fatpacks for the free head or any other EvoX head.

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