Lindens & Residents Snowball Fight 2023

I went to the Lindens & Residents Snowball Fight at Winter Wonderland to test drive my new Dell Alienware computer. This is my second time attending the snowball fight event, the first time was last year. The Winter Wonderland venue is beautiful, but this year the lag was noticeably higher than last year, probably because 60+ residents were in attendance.

Even with the lag, I could tell my new computer rendered everything beautifully, though I couldn’t really move at all. When other residents shoot you 3 times, you die, and you’re immediately teleported back to the entrance.

Lindens & Residents Snowball Fight 2023

This event was fun! I would definitely go back here with a group of friends and play a round or two. Second Life made it easy by providing instructions on clear gameplay and weapons.

Lindens & Residents Snowball Fight 2023

I dressed for the occasion in my 3rd Maitreya LaraX outfit. I’m slowly building up my wardrobe again after switching to LaraX. It was difficult finding shoes that make sense with this onesie, so I ended up wearing Sheep slippers.

If you’re looking for a computer that runs Second Life and other programs flawlessly, I recommend Alienware. I’ve had a great experience with them over the years – this is my third Alienware computer, not because they die or anything, but because I wanted faster/better. You can build a low-end Alienware computer and still run Second Life well, or you can bump up all of the specs and have it still be up to date for years to come.

What I’m Wearing:
Truth – Twist
Glam Affair – Oaklynn (Flower)
Off-Line x Chomper – Onesie (White)
Dust Bunny – Sheep Slipper (White)

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