Pepe Skins
Pepe Skin – Delina V2 (Cake) skin with lots of tattoo makeup fixes

Wow, tattoo makeup layers are amazing! So I snagged Pepe Skins’ new Delina skin over the weekend for a sweet L$100 deal. This skin is incredibly gorgeous, and it hardly needed any tweaks on my part. Included with the skin is a neck blend that stretches down to the cleavage – not totally my thing, so I just used Velour’s no-cost body neck fix to seamlessly merge the face and body skins.

Let me tell you, layering can get tricky, but when you nail it, it feels like magic. It’s all about the right sequence and a bit of hue play to get that perfect match. Personally, I opt for a lighter base layer and then enrich it with deeper shades – it’s always easier to darken than to lighten.

Tattoo Makeup Layers:

  • Velour – Body Neckfix (Icy) Evo X
    (tinted to match body, free @ Velour store)
  • Glam Affair – Face Shadow 20%
    (included with some GA skins previously)
  • Glam Affair – Face Shadow (Ears) 20%
    (If you use the Face Shadow, use the ears layer too)
  • Amara Beauty – Amalia Lipstick Evo X (Nude)
    (to cover up the splotchy dark middle of the lips)
  • Izzie’s – LeL Evo X – Eyeliner black A
  • Izzie’s – LeL Evo X – 04 blush / Contour Remover
  • Glam Affair – Rosie Brows Toner White
    (tinted brown)
  • Pepe Skins – Delina V2 / Cake NB
  • cheLLe – Powderpuff (Translucent 10)
    (tinted to match Pepe’s cake tone / tip: put this layer underneath all of the face tattoo layers so that it only tints the body)

The charm of adding tattoo layers for me is that I’ve collected them over time. I wouldn’t even consider purchasing a skin that required me to invest in a whole new set of layers to get it right. And for L$100? This skin is a steal, looking fab even bare.

Bonus treat: this weekend, I got a complimentary upgrade for the Rio Outfit from Addams. I saw it was on sale with Lara X option, so I went get a redelivery of the outfit. Shout out to the Addams team for upgrading an older item! This is one of my favorite outfits, so glad I can still wear it with the Maitreya LaraX body.

Taken @ Aurelias cave

And don’t get me started on the Ethereal wings from Octubre – picked them up for just L$50 at Fifty Linden Friday sale. Although displayed with HUDs, which it turns out weren’t included, I worked my way around it. I gave the wings a pink/teal twist by focusing on the already-blue sections. A little advice: don’t color them all in one go – target just those bits that the creator has given a base hue for the most stunning effect.

What I’m Wearing:
Wings – ES0430 Hair
Addams – Rio Top with Lace, Rio Skirt with Lace
Octubre – Ethereal wings
Yummy – Lover Earring Collection (Metal Heart Stud)

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