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Little World

Wishing everyone a happy Valentine’s Day from the charming nooks of Little World in Second Life! This region brims with photographic opportunities amidst its urban landscape, and the intricate lighting effects add a magical touch.


Exciting news for all you Second Life fashion enthusiasts—Truth, the highly celebrated hair brand, has made a dazzling re-entry into the clothing scene! A little-known fact is that this isn’t his first clothing release. Truth was originally a clothing brand before becoming a hair brand, and even created a clothing brand called Alt in 2016. It’s quite nostalgic to look back at my blog post from nearly a decade ago and realize I’m still rocking the same Maitreya Lara. If it’s good, don’t change it!

Truth – Kingston Sweater, Kingston Joggers

I believe Truth’s foray into apparel exudes the same excellence and attention to detail as the hairstyles we all love. His latest offerings, the Kingston Sweater and Kingston Joggers, boast a spectrum of hues, from delicate pastels to subdued darks, catering to every palette. The cropped pants perfectly showcases your chosen footwear. Have you ever tried to find shoes that pairs well with long pants in Second Life without clipping? It’s impossible.

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Completing my outfit today is the Hartford Tumbler from Flair. Holdable snacks and beverages are, hands down, my must-have in-world accessories. The tumbler doesn’t skimp on features—it’s packed with a texture change HUD, an alphabet picker for that personal touch, sip animations, and more. If you’re looking for holdable drinks, Flair has you covered with dozens of cups to choose from!

Flair – Hartford Tumbler

Glam Affair

I seem to have an incurable fascination with skins—it’s irresistible. The quest for the perfect skin never ends, and without fail, I’m drawn to test out every fresh release. Glam Affair’s newest creation, the Rosie 2 skin, debuted at Equal 10, and it’s stunning. Interestingly, it was just this past September 2023 when they introduced the original Rosie skin at The Fifty. However, don’t be misled; Rosie 2 and Rosie couldn’t be more distinct from one another—true sister skins in name only!

Glam AffairGlam Affair
Glam Affair – Rosie 2 (Beige C) | w/ Tattoo Layers Makeup

Wearing a skin straight out of the box has become foreign to me. By layering a few tattoos onto my avatar’s face, I’ve transformed the Rosie 2 skin to embody my personal style. It’s remarkable how a dash of virtual makeup can redefine an entire look. So what do you think of the before and after?

  • Izzie’s – Eyeliner black A
    (You can buy this pack or it came with the Eyelid Changer pack)
  • cheLLe – Powder Puff (Translucent 6)
    (I wanted to give this tone a rosier look, but I didn’t want to wear the Flower skin tone from Glam, that’s too pink)
  • Glam Affair – Face Shadow
    (From a previous Glam skins pack)
  • Glam Affair – Rosie (Blush 01) 50%
    (This is from the first Rosie skin)
  • Izzie’s – Nostril Lightener
  • Izzie’s – Blush/Contour Remover
  • Glam Affair – Rosie (Brows Toner) White / tinted
    (This is from the first Rosie skin, pair it with LeLutka’s built-in HD brows)
  • Izzie’s – Nose Shading Fix
    (Left side)
Little World

What I’m Wearing:
LeLutka – Lilith Mesh Head
Glam Affair – Rosie 2 (Beige C)
S-Club – Chloe Hair w/ flower
Truth – Kingston Sweater, Kingston Joggers
Ingenue – Edmee Loafer [Studs] (Ivory) tinted blue
Flair – Hartford TUmbler

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  1. Sasy Scarborough

    Thank you for featuring Flair in your post, you look fabulous. I have always liked when Truth busts out into his other skillsets, he should do it more often, clothing was fun back when he did more of it.

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