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LAQ Era2 Mesh Head

LAQ - Era2 Mesh Head
LAQ Era2 Mesh Head – Elle 1 (SupremeUHD)

Remember when LAQ was known as Laqroki? Almost everyone in Second Life had a signature LAQ complexion at some point—realistic skins with sweet faces and flawless features. To this day, I hold Mallory Cowen’s skin textures in high regard; they are the epitome of perfection. Her craftsmanship in creating enchantingly soft features set the standard for realistic and supple skins in Second Life.

The market for mesh heads within Second Life is undeniably competitive now. Numerous brands are launching their exclusive high-definition UV templates, with some even partnering with LeLutka to create EvoX-compatible options. LAQ’s latest innovation is the Era2 mesh head (Elle), boasting their sophisticated SupremeUHD head that comes bundled with a skin, an EvoX head, and a classic Standard SLUV head—truly enough choices for everyone. From my perspective, to truly capture the SupremeUHD’s detail, skin creators should release skins for SupremeUHD and not create EvoX skins for LAQ, it would never do the head justice.

Whenever I explore the possibilities of a new mesh head, the animation HUD is my go-to check. It’s crucial for me to gauge the breadth of expression I can portray within this digital realm. And indeed, I’m utterly impressed by the extensive array of animations this HUD provides; those tongue animations are groundbreaking and will likely appeal to residents with a taste for mature content. The detail of the iris dilating adds an unprecedented layer of realism to SL avatars, marking a novel and impressive milestone in mesh head technology.

Additionally, this head is a treasure trove for those inclined towards the fantastical, offering a myriad of choices like varied tongue designs (Vampire, Split) and a spectrum of colors, not to mention the ear options (Normal, Elf), amongst others.

Am I tempted to adopt this mesh head permanently? Absolutely! Having tested it with the SupremeUHD skin and the EvoX skin, my advice is to urge your favorite skin designers to create a skin custom made for LAQ’s SupremeUHD. Although EvoX skins are compatible, they don’t offer a perfect fit.

For those eager to make the switch, there’s a sweet deal available: group members can currently snag this mesh head at a 50% discount. So make sure to join the LAQ group in-world before you buy!

Here are the exciting new features:

★ Supreme UHD – 4 times higher resolution than any previous SL skins!
Engineered by seasoned skin designers, Era2 boasts unparalleled texture smoothness and detail optimization. With expanded details in key facial areas, achieving flawless skin details has never been easier.

★ Animated sweat and blush
Experience heightened authenticity with animated sweat, blush, and tears, enhancing the depth of emotions expressed by Era2 heads.

★ Subtle iris dilations
Era2 seamlessly integrates natural iris dilations and motion capture eye movements, ensuring a lifelike response to your surroundings.

★ Alluring animations
Indulge in captivating animations, meticulously crafted through genuine motion capture technology. Each subtle movement intricately captures the nuances of human muscle motion, enhancing realism and elevating your virtual experience.

★ Built in static posing
Effortlessly fine-tune your look with built-in face tweaking conveniently placed in the main HUD.

★ Beautiful smile
Efforts have been dedicated to crafting a range of natural smiles with Era2, each infused with subtle muscle movements that radiate warmth.

★ Versatility
Era2 is designed for diversity, with heads and addons that can be easily personalized to represent a broad range of facial features, identities and looks. Our goal is to ensure our heads adapt with ease to shape sliders and skins, providing endless possibilities with just one head.

★ Standard + EvoX UV
Era2 heads feature a total of 3 UV maps. Besides the new SupremeHD, it also offers SL standard UV as well as EvoX UV, ensuring compatibility and flexibility.

Other Era2 New Features:

  • Universal Neck
  • Eye Size and Position
  • BOM
  • HD Hairbase
  • HD Eyebrows
  • Eyebrow Size and Position
  • Ear Angle
  • Ears compatible with most popular jewelry
  • HD Ears
  • Elf Ears
  • Ear Animations
  • Earrings
  • Piercings
  • HD Eyelids
  • UHD Lips
  • Wet Tongue
  • Split Tongue
  • Vampire Tongue
  • Teeth Textures
  • New Animations
  • Static Posing
  • Accessories

Info taken from the LAQ release notecard

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