Hello from Second Life! I’m really loving my outfit today with its soft colors, and even better, I got it on sale! I’m all geared up for a laid-back coffee date.

I’m refreshing my wardrobe with Maitreya LaraX items, moving on from the old Lara model. I’m trying to shop smarter this time, knowing that these virtual clothing might not last forever as new bodies come out. Good news is, lots of LaraX clothes are up for grabs at low prices over the weekend, so reinventing your look doesn’t have to cost a lot.

Neve – Smart Top | with Alpha turned on (yes, I’m wearing a BOM bra underneath)

I’ve realized why I rarely wear pants here: many are too long and impossible to find shoes that fit without intersecting with the pants leg. But, Neve’s got these ankle-length Scale Pants on sale that solve that problem. They have a HUD that lets you change how long they are, choose different belt looks or just go without one. There’s a small thing though — the belt loop shadow stays even when you choose just the belt (without loop) option. Might be a little mistake?

I’ve made a video to show off some options in this cute outfit!

The striped top from Neve reminds me of those famous Hudson Bay stripes. It comes with a HUD to change colors, alpha options, or to hide the shirt part if you want.

Neve is great for everyday clothes that aren’t too skimpy, sticking to a casual vibe for a while now. If you’re in Second Life to find some comfy yet fashionable wear, definitely give Neve a look!

What I’m Wearing:
LeLutka – Lilith Mesh Head
Glam Affair – Nadia (Beige C)
Wings – ES0430 Hair
Neve – Smart Top
Neve – Scale Pants
Ingenue – Guilia Heels (Patterned)
Sigma – Beads Necklace
Dust Bunny – Lunch Break (Coffee Sling)

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