Snow Rabbit (W01X) Mesh Head

It’s no secret that I love mesh heads and skins. If you look at my blogging history, you’ll see that I’m always eager to try on a new face, and I get really excited with each advance in mesh head technology and features. Skin Fair 2024 just opened, and although I’ve said it in jest that it’s like Christmas for me, this is overwhelmingly true. Everything is brand new. I can’t wait to try it all!

Back in 2013, everyone fell in love with the Snow Rabbit (S@R) Nea mesh head. I remember being thrilled by the facial animations, particularly the incredibly realistic crying and animated tears.

Now, more than a decade later, Snow Rabbit continues to release adorable mesh heads, and their latest, the W01X, truly caught my eye. It’s available at Skin Fair for 30% off – and it’s compatible with LeLutka’s EvoX skins. The compatibility with EvoX piqued my interest, as I have a collection of EvoX skins and makeups that I’m eager to use.

Every time I acquire a new mesh head, I evaluate it on how easily I can shape the head to look attractive. Do all the sliders work as expected? How smooth are the animations? Does the HUD offer robust customization options? The Snow Rabbit W01X mesh head meets all these criteria for me and delivers a solid option that I believe many will adore.

Snow Rabbit (W01X) Mesh Head
Snow Rabbit (W01X) Mesh Head

What’s include in the Sweet Rabbit Head?

  • S@R W01X Head
  • S@R W01X Head (no base animations)
  • S@R W01X Setting HUD
  • S@R W01X Animation HUD
  • S@R W01X Hair Base
  • S@R W01X Face Light

Confused about how it all works? Read the S@R WX Series Head Manual and Animation HUD Manual,

It took me about two days to mold this shape, but I think it has resulted in a very youthful Gogo look, one that I can truly make my own and continue to refine. Take your time with this process and don’t judge a mesh head if you can’t get the shape right on your first try.

In my opinion, Snow Rabbit has the finest facial animations of all the mesh heads in Second Life. They’re adorable and realistic. Many of these animations suit various situations in Second Life, which I appreciate. Because dynamic expression in photos is important to me, I believe Snow Rabbit will be popular based on the animations alone.

Snow Rabbit (W01X) Mesh Head

Another reason that Snow Rabbit will probably be one of the most popular heads is the compatibility with EvoX skins. This means that many people can switch to this mesh head without abandoning their existing skin collections. I found the fit for EvoX skins on this mesh head to be about a 90% match; thus, I hope skin designers will take note and craft their skins specifically for it. As you may know, EvoX skins are not universally fitting, despite some brands suggesting otherwise. I’ve tested EvoX skins on most mesh heads that claim compatibility, and the fit is usually around 90%, with some areas such as the lips occasionally not aligning perfectly. The fit of the Snow Rabbit mesh head with an EvoX skin (which I’m wearing in this photo) is also about 90%, but it still looks incredibly nice.

I want to take a moment to give a shout out to the excellent customer service from the Sweet Rabbit creator, Shirousagi Noel, and her team. When I first tried this mesh head, the facial animations wouldn’t stop, which was problematic for me while attempting to shape the head. Initially, I suppose this was a feature, but I found it a hurdle. Within a day, an updated version was released that now includes a no-animation base. You can still use the animation HUD with this version, but the head will remain static when necessary.

My wish list for Snow Rabbit includes a set of fuller lashes, either from the brand or third-party content creators. I also yearn for even more facial animations, perhaps sold as an add-on pack—I simply can’t get enough. All of my friends who have tried the Sweet Rabbit head agree that these animations are unrivaled, and the face itself is so sweet.

Check out my YouTube video to see the most realistic tears in Second Life! This feature is my favorite on this head, and it’s also the reason why I think you should add this head to your collection.

Have you tried the Sweet Rabbit head at Skin Fair? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

What I’m Wearing:
Sweet Rabbit (S@R) – W01X Head
Glam Affair – Nadia (Beige C)
Wings – EF0229 Hair
Mossu – Melanie Wreath (at Collabor88)
Tres Blah – Lily Dress (at Collabor88)
Schadenfreude – Sakura Forest Milk (at Collabor88)

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