Amara Beauty

For about a year, I was a big fan of Amara Beauty Skins, buying almost every new release. I especially liked tone 25! Then, they switched to a Velour tones, and I didn’t enjoy the skins as much anymore. Additionally, the heavy shading on the nose didn’t look right, and I stopped buying Amara skins since mid-last year. I had almost given up on them until I came across the Elara skin from Amara Beauty at Uber (also see the shopping guide on Seraphim). Although the ad was enhanced by AI and looked stunning (see ad), I was curious to know how it would actually look in Second Life.

Amara Beauty

When I wear any skin in Second Life, I usually don’t wear the brows included because they’re usually too thick for my taste. I wore the no-brows version of the Elara skin and added LeLutka’s HD brows that comes with the mesh head. I found that it closely resembled the advertisement and looked lovely on me. I liked it so much that I adjusted my avatar’s shape slightly and added some extra touches with Izzie’s highlights to enhance the look.

Lips fix
Amara Beauty skin Default lips | with Izzie’s Closed Lips tattoo | plus with HD lipsticks on top

My main issue with this skin is the dark shading in the middle of the lips; it’s quite noticeable and hard to hide, especially with semi-transparent HD lipstick layers. I usually wear HD lipstick at a lower opacity, so my workaround is to use BoM lipstick. Izzie’s Closed Lips helps a great deal, but it doesn’t completely hide the default lips’ highlight. I hope that skin makers will start offering a nude lipstick option with their products, free of any highlights or color.

I’m optimistic that many skin brands I like will move away from intense facial shading and adapt to how we currently use skins in Second Life, considering the new PBR lighting.

What I’m Wearing:
LeLutka – Billie Mesh Head
Amara Beauty – Elara (Chantilly)
Truth – Unravel
Truth – Eclipse
Sigma – Swallow Pendant (@ Anthology)
Ison – Michaela Rib Top

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