Gorgeous in Decentraland

Can you believe it’s been four years since I joined Decentraland? Yesterday, I tried to log into Decentraland using my Dapper wallet, but I couldn’t. It turns out the Dapper wallet isn’t supported there anymore. So, I had to find a way to move my username, Gorgeous, from the Dapper wallet to something that still works, like MetaMask.

If you started using Decentraland when it first came out, you might have also used the Dapper wallet. Let me warn you, transferring your assets can be really annoying. Honestly, if you don’t have something unique like a rare NFT or a special username, you might be better off just starting fresh with a new account.

Gorgeous in Decentraland

For anyone who needs to switch from Dapper wallet to MetaMask, here’s how to do it.

Log into your Dapper wallet. First, you’ll need to reinstall the Chrome Ethereum Dapper Legacy extension if it’s not on your browser anymore. Make sure you get the Dapper Rescue Kit.

What is the Rescue Kit? It’s a PDF file.
This rescue kit is your backup in case you lose access to the devices associated with your Dapper account. As long as you have your rescue kit, your Dapper password, and access to the email you used to sign up, you can recover your account any time.

I searched everywhere for this file, and luckily, I had saved a copy of it in a place where I could find it. When you’re managing crypto wallets, it’s crucial to save everything they tell you to, including your Secret Recovery Phrase. If you don’t, you might permanently lose access to your account.

Next, install the MetaMask wallet for Chrome. You’ll need this new wallet to transfer your Decentraland NFTs and to log into Decentraland. Remember to save the Secret Recovery Phrase in a very secure place.

Several popular NFT platforms have stopped supporting the Dapper Legacy wallet, so I was in a tough spot. I asked for help on the Decentraland Discord channel, and someone came up with a solution. There is still one platform that works with the Dapper Legacy wallet, which is X2Y2.

Go to X2Y2 and use MetaMask for the login, then allow the Dapper wallet to connect. This will let you view the NFT assets you own from Decentraland. I had my name, and 3 other wearables which I then transferred to my MetaMask wallet. However, I had to buy several Dapper transaction passes because when I tried to send everything in one go, it failed and I even lost the transaction pass.

Buying the Dapper passes was the most stressful step in all of this, to be honest. Thankfully, I already held some Ethereum on my real crypto account, so I just transferred myself enough to buy a few passes. If you don’t even know what Ethereum is, skip all of these steps and just say goodbye to your Decentraland account or ask a friend to send you some to your Dapper wallet address.

It’s disappointing that I lost my original Decentraland account along with some assets that I couldn’t transfer. But say hello to new Gorgeous. If I hadn’t been able to recover my name, I’d never log into Decentraland again. I hope MetaMask continues to be reliable!

Gorgeous in Decentraland
Screenshots for proof that it’s my account, just in case I lose access again!
Gorgeous in Decentraland

Going through this process made me realize how frustrating it is to log into an account using a crypto wallet and how little I care about NFTs after all. I’ve also removed the Dapper extension from Chrome, and I’m relieved to be done with it.

If you’re checking out Decentraland for the first time, let me know what you think of it in the comments!

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