Enchanted Dreams

Hello from Spakle Enchanted! A visit to Sparkle’s region feels like stepping directly into her dream, bathed in shades of enchanting purple—her favorite color. Today, I’m embracing her inspiration by adding purple touches to my outfit.

Despite common beliefs, my preferred color isn’t pink, but rather white. I often opt for white because it complements everything, allowing for colorful accents. The Boho Lace Dress from Fashionably Dress in White is perfect as it includes three additional shades of beige, offering versatility; sometimes, pure white is too stark, and a softened eggshell hue feels more natural.

The fabric of this dress, along with its high yet tasteful side split, is definitely my style. If you follow Second Life updates, you may know the upcoming Child Avatar policy for avatars that appear under 18—this doesn’t relate to the user’s actual age, but the avatar’s appearance. Under these new rules, you couldn’t wear something as revealing as this dress. The “modesty layer” is imminent! [See more on this on Inara Pey’s blog]

Although my avatar qualifies as an adult, maintaining a youthful appearance is common in Second Life, often making avatars appear between 18-25 years old, sometimes younger. Achieving an older look requires intentional choices like adding wrinkles or selecting styles that convey a more mature vibe.

The implementation and impact of the Child Avatar policy on the Second Life community, particularly for content creators, will be noteworthy. I anticipate seeing many skins featuring an optional modesty layer soon.

What are your thoughts on these changes? Feel free to share in the comments!

What I’m Wearing:
LeLutka – Billie Mesh Head
Glam Affair – Emery (Beige C)
Truth Collective – Oblivion
Fashionably Dead – Boho Lae Dress
Insomnia Angel – Nana Magical Headdress

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