LeLutka Mesh Head 4.0 Update
LeLutka Mesh Head – Avalon | Ubon | Billie

It’s raining updates! LeLutka just updated lots of their mesh heads to version 4.0. You can see the full list on their Flickr page and get your free update! I wrote a blog post about Billie 4.0 when it came out in March, so check that out if you want to see what’s new.

Besides some minor HUD updates, the most exciting thing is the addition of another HD lips layer. Now, you can mix and match lipsticks and glosses!

LeLutka Mesh Head 4.0 Update

If you like making shapes and editing faces as much as I do, this is like Christmas. I’ve updated my Avalon and Ubon faces to 4.0, and while I was at it, I tweaked my shape a bit too. Here you can see how each mesh head is very similar yet slightly different. The great thing about LeLutka heads is that even if you’re using the very first EvoX release, Avalon, or a newer one like Billie, they all have the same features.

I’m not sure which is my favorite mesh head from the LeLutka EvoX line right now, they’re all nice in their own way. Skin also affects the look of a face a lot, maybe like 80%, so it’s hard to pick a favorite since they all look about 90% similar to me.

Have you updated your LeLutka mesh head to 4.0? Let me know in the comments!

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