Tropical Vacation

Hello from Badu-Fiji! You can take a virtual vacation in Second Life to anywhere, it’s just a teleport away. When I landed at here, I was instantly greeted with a lei gift. I’ve been in a tropical mood since I bought this Tropical Vibe decor set from Movement. I intended to share a link to this product from Flickr, but, it seems the brand’s account has vanished.

Since I started blogging in 2007, I’ve primarily used Flickr as my platform of choice to connect with Second Life residents and brands. Flickr stands out to many users due to its comprehensive set of features suitable for photo hosting combined with its social networking capabilities. However, there has been a worrying trend where several Second Life community members have experienced bans from Flickr. Such bans are often linked to violations of Flickr’s policy, which prohibits commercial activities on free accounts and the uploading of content deemed moderate or restricted.

Rather than upgrading to a paid Pro account, many affected users opt to start over on alternative platforms. These alternatives may initially be free, but like Flickr, they often introduce fees after reaching certain usage thresholds. Thus, migrating does not fully escape the issues related to costs.

The simplest solution for those unable to afford a Flickr Pro account is to strictly adhere to Flickr’s usage policies. This includes avoiding commercial advertising and steering clear of posting photos classified under moderate or restricted categories, while keeping your total number of hosted images below 1000. Flickr has been a steadfast service relied upon by many who do not have other means, such as a personal blog, to promote their products or share their photography. Moreover, other social media platforms often fall short in comparison.

Investing a small amount in a reliable platform like Flickr can be worthwhile as it not only supports your hobby or business but also ensures your continuation in a trusted network. This can broaden your digital reach to engage with other Second Life residents like myself, who have depended on Flickr for decades.

Tropical Vacation

What I’m Wearing:
LeLutka – Billie Mesh Head
Amara Beauty – Violet (Chantilly)
Wings – EF0229 Hair
Revienne – The Dame Du Ciel Headband
Cheezu – Bubble Shirts
Ison – Kye Denim Shorts
Tetra – Riot Leather Boots, Riot Cotton Socks
Movement – Tropical Vibe 1 (decor & holdable)

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