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Independence Day

Independence Day

Hello from the 4th of July Block Party! This delightful mainland parcel may be small, but it packs a punch with its many photogenic spots. When it comes to Summer holidays, gingham print always springs to mind, reminiscent of a classic picnic blanket.

To celebrate the Fourth of July, I’m rocking this Spring Tied Halter top from Fashionably Dead. To complete the ensemble, I’ve added the Blair Headband (4th of July print) from Sparkle Skye. Both of these items are part of the weekend sale at their main store, so grab them while you can!

Independence Day

Since transitioning to using a PBR viewer full-time, I’ve been tweaking the colors of my skin and body. I previously wore a body skin from Not Found but have since switched back to The Skinnery. The Luna body skin from The Skinnery is stunning, offering a myriad of options. I’ve reviewed it before, and was thrilled when they released the fabulous Body Bundle—it addresses several of my personal preferences, prompting me to give the body another go. Now, if only skin designers could offer face skins with neck options or none at all, it would make blending with our body skin choices so much easier.

Body Skin

Still on a non-PBR viewer? Unless your hardware is holding you back, I highly recommend making the switch as soon as possible. It’s better to dive in and start adjusting rather than toggling back and forth uncertainly. Within a quarter, I predict most of the grid will have transitioned to PBR, and we’ll barely remember what life was like before the upgrade.

What I’m Wearing:
LeLutka – Billie Mesh Head
Amara Beauty – Dorothea (Chantilly)
Wings – EF0401 Hair
Sparkle Skye – Blair Headband (White, 4th of July)
Fashionably Dead – Spring Tied Halter (Country Blue)
Fashionably Dead – Star Chain Shorts (White)
Ingenue – Mara Flats (Pearl)
MVT – Your pink lemonade (G)
Yummy – Beachy Boho Earrings (Jellyfish)

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  1. Dojiba Sabra

    What bangs are you using with that hair?

    • gogo

      I’m wearing the bangs that came with it.

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