Miss Bridgerton
Photo taken at Bright Diamonds Oasis (a region designed by Sparkely Sugar)

I’ve been fashionably late to the Bridgerton viewing party. Typically, my taste in historical dramas veers towards the darker, more intense ones, like The Tudors, where beheadings are surprisingly frequent. However, at the insistence of my friend Sparkle, I gave Bridgerton a try, and found myself falling in love with the scenes and fashion. It’s a delightful swirl of pastel dreams and romance.

Currently, I’m embracing my inner Miss Bridgerton in Second Life, fantasizing about a chance encounter with Duke Hastings. Sporting the Breeze hairstyle from Truth, straight from Hair Fair, and adorned with the charming Kaori Mini Hat by Sparkle Skye, also a Hair Fair gem, I’m fully immersed in this whimsical world. Bridgerton-inspired gowns have been my go-to this month, particularly the Jane Regency Gown from Just Because, allowing me to live out this Regency fantasy to the fullest.

Miss Bridgerton

My sense of style has evolved, and now my heart longs to be a fancy lady in Second Life perpetually. The photographs capturing this journey were taken with a PBR viewer. Admittedly, I find the saturated colors of PBR a bit overwhelming, but I’m determined to acclimate myself. As such, I’ve prepared several Environmental Enhancement Project (EEP) settings for when PBR becomes a staple on the grid. Though I have reservations about PBR in its current state, I’ll be ready when it finally arrives.

If you haven’t swung by Hair Fair yet, make sure to visit. It’s a fantastic opportunity to support a myriad of brands united for a noble cause—helping the Wigs for Kids charity.

What I’m Wearing:
LeLutka – Billie Mesh Head
Amara Beauty – Violet (Chantilly)
Truth Hair – Breeze
Sparkle Skye – Kaori Mini Hat
Yummy – Elven Priestess Necklace
Just Because – Jane Recengy Gown
Insomnia Angel – Lace Cuffs
Insomnia Angel – Witch Wand Umbrella (Gothic Lolita)
Bloom – Peach Nails

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