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PrimFeed, another Second Life Social Media site

PrimFeed, another Second Life Social Media site

I’ve been seeing quite a bit of buzz lately around PrimFeed, which is touted as a Flickr alternative specifically for Second Life residents, created by a fellow resident. Interestingly, PrimFeed isn’t the only social media site exclusively for Second Life, despite such claims. Personally, I don’t use any of these Second Life-specific platforms because I prefer to share my Second Life photos and blog with the entire internet.

Why Some Second Life Residents are Upset with Flickr

The primary reasons that some residents are frustrated with Flickr often boil down to two things:

  1. They aren’t PRO users and face limitations.
  2. Frequent Terms of Service (TOS) violations, such as posting adult content and not properly moderating it, or engaging in commercial activities on a free account results the account being deleted.

Flickr offers a free option that lets users host up to 1,000 photos, provided they adhere to specific restrictions. On the other hand, PrimFeed permits adult and commercial content on free accounts but limits file sizes to 1500×1500 pixels. I believe free account limitations are justified due to the operational costs of such platforms, and Iā€™m willing to pay for a service as long as it meets my needs.

My Take on Flickr vs. PrimFeed

I’m not dissatisfied with Flickr nor am I seeking an alternative. Since signing up as a PRO member in 2007, I’ve found Flickr to be the best photo hosting service for Second Life brands and bloggers. For under $60 USD a year, I enjoy unlimited photo and video storage and the ability to embed these media into my blog seamlessly.

First Impressions of PrimFeed

PrimFeed strikes me more as a social media platform, akin to a streamlined version of X (formerly Twitter), rather than a robust image hosting site like Flickr. It offers social features but lacks the comprehensive photo hosting capabilities that Flickr provides.

In my opinion, PrimFeed is not a replacement for Flickr. It’s more of a pared-down social media platform that may or may not gain traction. Without enough paying subscribers, its sustainability is questionable due to the costs associated with hosting and bandwidth.

Here are the essential features missing from PrimFeed:

  • No viewing without a PrimFeed account and are signed in
  • No high quality image format, everything is converted/compressed to .webp
  • No favorites tab, makes it hard to revisit images I liked
  • No search, can’t find anything I’m looking for
  • No direct messaging/private messaging
  • No views count
  • No dates on gallery images
  • No groups
  • No albums
  • No tagging other people
  • No tags
  • No sharing outside of PrimFeed
  • No private photo settings
  • No embed code for your blog
  • No clickable profile links
  • No videos
  • No notifications to email
  • No custom URL/ability to change url
  • No stats who liked/shared/viewed?
  • No editing tools/batch editing for photos
  • No automatic account deletion (must send a notecard and wait 72 hours)

Is PrimFeed a reasonable replacement for Twitter? Absolutely. It’s designed to look and feel just like Twitter, ensuring you’ll feel right at home. Plus, you won’t have to deal with annoying real-life ads and irrelevant content cluttering your feed. When you evaluate PrimFeed as an alternative to Twitter, you’ll find it much more appealing.

Did I Claim My Name on PrimFeed?

Yes! Follow me at: I can’t promise that I will keep it updated, but I do love to claim my name.

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  1. Bunny Starling

    I suspect that many of the features missing from Primfeed are under planning and development, with the ultimate goal of replacing Flickr and other external “real world” websites for SL users.

    However, I think your take on why people are having issues with Flickr is a bit disingenuous. I have been a pro user there for years, just like yourself. I have seen numerous examples, including my own account experiences, of Flickr itself and the “real” photography users on the site targeting SL users specifically in efforts to drive us out. The fact is you can go to Flickr and with a simple search see tons of explicit nudity, porn, and more of IRL bodies, and they are not moderated with the same vigor that SL users are seeing. Especially within the last year, Flickr has increased their efforts to “crack down” on SL content on their site, tailoring rules around forcing SL users to pay or leave in a way they do not seem to enforce at all with “real” users on the site.

    It is not about simply following the rules, it never has been. Not with Flickr as a company, and not with their “real” photographer user base.

    • River

      Hi there šŸ™‚

      Have had my own experiences with flickr good an bads. One of the good ones was Flickr staff actually pointed the mistake I had mades an moderated the picture for me, made it clear what it was that need fixing an didnt even shadow ban my account. Though I have been shadow banned before.

      I do agree though there are some questionable moves by staff an for sures there is a lot of ‘..Real..’ photographers that would luv to burn down the SL community on Flickr. I have read what some of them think. But there are lots of SL users that do break Flickr rules an wonder why they get into trouble.

      I probably will join Primfeed but I wont be leaving Flickr…

      My fear is that this might divide the community more.. (..Flickrs rules around adult content did that..) ..An the hyped move to Primfeed an users dumping Flickr will leave us all with less support, from each other.

  2. Emilly Orr

    The one thing I can’t seem to find, that hopefully someone can help with–what does Primfeed charge for their “pro” level account?

    • gogo

      It is L$1680 for 4 weeks

  3. Gillian Waldman

    Totally agree. I said in my musings that it seems like Facebook for avatars. I don’t use Facebook. We shall see, I guess.

  4. Becki S ODell

    i was unable to start an account. everytime i put my second life name in, it says UNEXPECTED ERROR…..

  5. Jewel

    Luke is rude. He’ll contact you in game and tell you to delete your posts, or change your information. He’ll copy and paste “The TOS you signed up for” even when what he’s demanding is not in the TOS.

    If you don’t do what he says, he will delete your account. It’s not a social media site, it’s a private little website where he pushes for a subscription and will literally message you over and over in game with petty demands.


  6. Starrman

    You can’t even edit a post you already put up without least for the first 24 hours after posting. You have to delete it and repost. Also I know 5 people who were already allegedly banned without even a warning.

  7. Fae

    I have been using Primfeed since release and also immediately signed up for a pro account. I have no issues with Primfeed, it is a growing website and Luke listens to feedback and improves things and implements certain things. Like one of the things you mentioned, you can now view the pictures you’ve liked.

    As what Starrman said, he has also given us an increase in how many days you have to edit your pictures which is now 45 days I believe for non pro users.

    To me it is definitely a good replacement for Flickr. There is the gallery, when you look at someones profile you also have a gallery. Is it missing some things still? Yes, but I am sure with time we will have a website perfectly fitting for us SL users.

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