Second Life Mirrors

I’m thrilled about the new Second Life Mirrors feature! While mirrors aren’t essential to see ourselves in the virtual world, they add an extra layer of realism to your home. Now, with working mirrors that reflect the scenery in real time, the virtual experience is even more immersive.

This feature is a game changer for various activities like fashion blogging, photography, and especially product photography. The realism that these mirrors bring will elevate the quality and creativity of content in Second Life.

To help you get started, I’ve created a few mirrors for you to try out on the official Second Life Viewer or any third-party viewer that supports mirrors. I’ve also included several PBR EEP settings and a day cycle to enhance your experience.

JuicyBomb – Eternal Skies EEP Settings & Second Life Mirrors [Buy on Marketplace]

Have you tried the mirrors in Second Life? I’d love to hear about your experiences—let me know in the comments!

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