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Happy Birthday, Second Life! SL21B


I had a blast attending the town hall events at SL21B last week! This year, the auditorium, aptly named the Aquatorium, was hands down my favorite build. With its stunning PBR texturing, everything looked shiny and beautiful. Although I only attended the town halls and skipped other events, it felt like there was a lack of promotion from Linden Lab for SL21B.

Remember last year? Someone won a car and other amazing prizes. It would have been great to see something similar this year.

SecondLifetime Premium and Premium Plus

If you missed the chance to buy a SecondLifetime Premium or Premium Plus account last year, it’s back! While the Lifetime Premium Plus is sold out, you can still grab a Lifetime Premium or upgrade to Plus if you’re already a Lifetime Premium member. The price might be a bit of a sticker shock, but considering Second Life’s longevity, it’s a worthwhile investment.

I’m hopeful that SL22B will bring a contest to win some cool Second Life swag or something equally exciting to jazz things up.

Did you go to any SL21B events? Let me know in the comments!


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  1. Feorie

    I went at the tail end when traffic was waaaay down, but I always love looking at the creator showcases. I hope we can win one of those subscriptions next year – that would be cool!
    Your pics look great btw! 😍

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