I’ve been taking full advantage of the ISON 40% sale before it ended and indulging in some weekend sales too. One of the treasures I picked up is the gorgeous Alayna Silk Shirt from ISON, and I couldn’t resist getting it in all the colors. It’s simply stunning! I also grabbed these adorable Fluffy Kitty Ears headband from Litterbug at Truth’s store. They add a sweet touch to any outfit.

Lately, I’ve been creating a bunch of bright EEPs (Environment Enhancement Project) for my blog. I like adding shadows, even though most Second Life residents aren’t fans of them on their faces. For me, shadows cast by the sun in studio lighting really make the fabric of the Alayna Silk Shirt stand out, even if it doesn’t feature any PBR textures.

Moon Amore

During my visit to Shop & Hop, I picked up an amazing gift from Moon Amore. The Bride’s Dream Gown I found is perfect for fantasy or royal cosplay themes, like something straight out of Bridgerton.

Moon Amore

For the past few years, I’ve made it a point to pick up the AO gift from BodyLanguage SLC. There are always a few great poses to mix into my regular AO. This year’s entire AO impressed me; it has all the basics you need to avoid standing like a noob. It’s perfect for your main avatar and great for alts too!

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