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Second Life New Mobile App – Exclusively for Apple iOS!

Second Life Mobile App
New SL Mobile App for Apple iOS Devices

Second Life residents were feeling a mix of emotions after Linden Lab announced that the new mobile app for Second Life would only be available exclusively on iOS Apple devices. While some residents were thrilled to be able to access Second Life on their beloved devices, others are feeling sour. Windows and Android users expressed their dismay, with one resident exclaiming, “This is the ultimate betrayal! I’m heartbroken!”

“I’m so mad that I can’t use the app. I’ve been waiting for an app for years,” says MissNaughty210663. “This isn’t fair!”

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Juicy Fruit

Juicy Fruit

Happy Sunday! I remembered that I bought this beautiful Maitane (Pitaya) dress from Belle Epoque a while ago, and it was perfect for the coastal region of Quash – Mediterranee. The sleeves are so fluffy and big on this dress, making it a real statement piece!

Glam Affair SkinsGlam Affair Skins
Glam Affair – Diane Skin
Before & After (with add-on makeup)
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Making Poses with Black Dragon Viewer

Black Dragon has just released an update that includes a revolutionary new feature – the ability to create and export poses from the viewer! The pose edit menu was already a great way to adjust poses, but now you can also make poses from scratch and save them as .anim files to your computer. These poses can then be uploaded back to Second Life, making it much easier to create custom poses.

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LeLutka Vivian Mesh Head

LeLutka - Vivian Mesh Head

I was not expecting to try another mesh head so soon after Ubon, but I could not resist trying on this LeLutka Vivian head at Skin Fair. This event opens on March 10th, but you can join the Juniper Events group to gain early access. I’m a blogger, so I gained entry through SL Bloggerati and was able to go a little earlier for the media preview. I really appreciate when events have early access groups for people that aren’t official bloggers. More events and brands should utilize media preview groups to get even more coverage.

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Send Gifts to Your Favorite SLers

Milk & Dumplings

One of my SL friends, Alicia Chenaux, is now a Twitch streamer, and she occasionally receives gifts from people that watch her stream. I think it’s so nice that the Twitch community shows their appreciation of each other by giving real-world gifts, not just in-game things.

How can Second Life residents show their appreciation for each other outside of Second Life? I’ve been researching some platforms used by online content creators, and here are three that are a good start.

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