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Hair Fair 2023

Hair Fair '23
Hair from Monso & Exile at Hair Fair

Hair Fair is now open! From now until July 2nd, I encourage you to only buy and wear hair sold at Hair Fair. Some of the best hair and accessories designers have generously donated their talents & time to benefit the Wigs for Kids charity. View the view the shopping guide and let’s get shopping!

Hair Fair '23
Second Life + Stable Diffusion photo merge

My friend Sparkle made her hair accessories debut at Hair Fair. These sweet Blossom Hair Wreaths include single or double garland options and four band colors. Teleport to the Sparkle Skye booth and find a crown to go with your new hair!

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Previously in Second Life

Another SL Glow Up
My Second Life Avatar + Stable Diffusion

Welcome to another Previously in Second Life post! Here are some interesting news around the grid you may have missed:

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How to Install Stable Diffusion Locally

Stable Diffusion + Adobe Generative Fill
Image created with Stable Diffusion + Adobe Generative Fill

Adobe’s new Generative Fill feature in Photoshop (beta) is a game changer! You need to Google it right now and be amazed at all of the creative uses. I’ve been playing around with it all week by adding accessories to my Second Life avatar, changing the background in my photos, and expanding missing portions of a cropped image. The best thing about Adobe Generative Fill is that you can leave it blank and let AI figure out how to fill in the missing pixels.

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